Who has z-Start Brake kit

I have to ask Does it work.

Who has one and what is it like.

What if i need to use the clutch a little.

And i think i will have to reset up my Pro Rekluse so i can get it in and out of gear at idle.

Give me input on this.

i have it.i hate it..not very strong or good feel in the back brake.

I have it and LOVE it. Although I didn't like it so much until I had it set up correctly. The two biggest things to do is to make sure you have bled all of the air from the brake line and that you adjust the actuator screw on the lever to the point of almost creating brake drag. That is where the pull on the lever will feel pretty much the same as the front brake.

My only complaint is the price. It seems kind of pricey for what it is. After some research it looks like you could build your own for 1/3 to 1/2 the cost.

The only minor annoyance I have with it is that it is difficult to lock the rear wheel using only 1 finger on the brake. It can be done but you have to pull extremely hard. It would work better and give an easier 1 finger pull if your finger was farther away from the fulcrum point. I have the lever in towards the center of the bike as far as it can go and it still is not quite enough. But like I said it is only a minor annoyance. You can easily lock the rear wheel with 2 or more fingers.

The good aspects of having a LHRB far outweighs the bad imo.

I have one and love it also. I agree with rooster wrooster-- you have to get it set up properly, but I can lock up the rear brake easily enough with a decent grab of the lever, and I love being able to grab the rear brake with my right foot off the peg. It took about 2 rides to get used to, but I will always have an auto clutch and LHRB from now on. I got rid of the foot brake altogether. I just wish you could get a better aftermarket lever for it, like a matching zeta or asv (I have a zeta front lever). I ended up cutting off the end of the LHRB lever and bending the end forward slightly to feel more like a 2-finger lever. It feels much better this way.

Well maybe sneipfmx will sell me his.

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