Loss of front brake lver feel after wheel removal and refitting

Hey was hoping you knowledgable chaps could help out here...

Hope the answer's straight forward but i took the front wheel off the bike today to grease up the bearing, doing so i pushed the front pads apart on the caliper to make refitting easier.

Anyhow, long story short on refitting and pulling the level to push the caliper piston out, both brake lever feel and braking force has deminished. Both pads are pushing onto the disc good enough to lock the front up when pushing the bike but when riding the front brake literally has no force to be effective.

There's no fluid loss, master cylinder's topped up and have just bleeded the brakes with no air coming through.

What can be the problem? i did hear like a surge of fluid when pressing on the level after the the fitment of the front wheel, but no loss of fluid as far as i can see!


Ride the bike, the extra firmness you are used to will return. I assume you did not damage the pads in any way when you spread them though.

Hmmm.. with no obvious fluid loss or leaks my guess is there is still air in the system or possibly a master cyl prob if you didn't disconnect the wheel cyl you shouldn't need to bleed the system just add required fluid,this is a dual piston perhaps one is not getting the fluid it needs...I know I'm all over the place just brain storming good luck and let us know

Happen twice to me.:bonk:

Almost killed me on a jump couple months back.:bonk:

I think MSR has a recall on there levers, i had to grind them to fit. Junk,:bonk: Did you use one of these.

Check the play between lever and brake mastercyclender bracket housing.

The pushrod needs to have the big end into the mastercycl. and the small end in the lever.

If everything checks out then bleed the brake's.

I buy ASV now and they have a cool speicial going on for chrismass, 150.00

For a complete setup levers and boots exc.

I have a zeta i used one time at Glenn Hellen over a month ago then the ASV guy that was there fixed me up, lifetime guarantee :bonk:

It could be that when greasing your wheel, your pads became contaminated with grease or some other lubricant.

okay, just took the caliper off and pressed the lever a few times so the pads push against each other, to see if one of the pistons was stuck in place. The feel came backand while i was at it i noticed one of the caliper pistons was wet with what i presume to be brake fluid as the other piston was dry? i've taken a picture anyway.

ill top up the master cylinder and bleed the system with the caliper off the disc, then push the brakes pads apart and refit - see if that works.


Cool. Have done as posted previously. Also, opening the fluid reservoir to release some of the air and i now have a front brake again. :bonk:

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