YZ450 gearing issues "please help"

rode my 450 for the first time last week,first gear seems not low enough for offroad riding,changed to 13-50 better but lost to much top end. is anyone going to make a kit like ims or will the wr gears work?

I haven't really put mine in the tight stuff yet, but am ready to re-gear if needed. You say 13-50 still was tall??? damn. I might be hoping the wr gears will fit :)

Have you added flywheel weight? That will help. Terrycable makes a bolt on kit that will allow you to change the weights as you need (mx, offroad, dez...).

web page

Dubach racing has a weld-on wheel

web page

bought my bike for handling and lightness. so i am trying to keep as light as possible or i would have bought a wr 245lbs ouch,if you find any fixes let me know

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