WR450F Purchased in So. California Today (1/21)

I just bought my new WR450 after waiting FOREVER. Thank goodness the one guy in front of me on the waiting list didn't want it. (What the heck is wrong with him?) Picked it up tonight and will ride it Thursday and Friday. Wow! I'm so excited I'm feeling sick!

Congatulations. I got mine yesterday, but I have snow and 12 degree weather. So I'm starting to modify it.

The guy in front of you on the list probably got sick of waiting and either:

* bought a YZ

* bought a 250

* Heard that there was a worldwide production stoppage and went threw himself under a passing quad

* bought a CRF (same as going insane really, just without the soft accomodation and the fancy wrap-around clothes

* moved to Alaska and is doing the powernow mod to his snowmobile while he snaps the dribble icicles off his lips...


Bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :):D :D

That was pretty damn funny.

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