Wouldn't start, then magically did. Ideas?

Last weekend I did my first poker run. A number of times at checkpoints or after tip-overs (I do lots of these), the bike (and S) would not start. Push the button, and nothing. The starter would not even turn. I would roll the bike in geer, or in neutral, wiggle wires, flip switches, and after 1-5 minutes of goofing with it, it would suddenly turn over like nothing was wrong. There was no pattern to it. Once it started after being put in geer. Once when rolled in neutral. Once when all I did was turn the directional on and off. I have removed the kick-stand switch, but other than that it is stock. Besides the clutch switch, are there any other switches that can stop it from starting? A heat sensor? It sure sucks to hit the button miles out in the desert and have nothing happen....Any ideas much appreciated.

what did u do with ur sidestand cut out? did u cut and solder it? or just twist it together?

i used a wire joiner on mine the ones u just crimp on thats worked good

also take of your headlight cover and the u can unplug the clutch cut out and

plug it together under there no cuting of wires necesary

if ur still havin trouble take it to a auto electrician nothin like someone who knows what there

doing and that can get "hands on" with your bike

I had the same thing happen to me a while back, but mine is an E model. It would sometimes crank and then do nothing for a while. No pattern to it at all.

Anyway it turned out that the thick wiring harness that runs past the steering head had been crimped by the forks. A wire was broken and intermittently touching. Patched that and it fires right up ever since.

On both my DRZ's (both E's) I had an intermittent key switch. I turned it on and off a bunch of times and it started. I've since wired in my own switch and also carry a small jumper to plug in the wires that go to the key in case of total failure. I hit a tree last year and my on/off switch was smashed in the on position... The jumper ensures I can get out of the woods if the switch is smashed off.

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