Dealerships worth checking out while in Phoenix?

Going to Phoenix for ten days and wonder if there are any must see dealerships to check out in the Phoenix or surrounding area? Ones with say lots of aftermarket accessories and apparel and reasonable prices? Not doin any riding while I am down there as I just broke my Collarbone high siding the WR on our Canadian Ice~! (studded tires) I'll keep this short as I am typing with one hand!


There is always Cycle Gear on Country Club and Southern in Mesa. Ask for Mark, he'll hook you up. There is also a Cycle Gear in the north Phoenix somewhere.

Champion Motorsports in Mesa is another shop I will frequent from time to time when I need OEM parts.

I will second the recommendation on Cycle Gear. They are the only ones I know of that fit your description of a well stocked apparel and accessories shop with reasonable prices. There are tons of other small shops with good stuff (pick up the yellow pages), but Cycle Gear is the only one that approaches "Super Retailer" status. It's like going to the toy store... :)

Stay away from the "Arizona Motorsports Group" dealers (just trust me on that one). Apache Honda (also a Yamaha dealer) is one of the better dealerships in town if you really want to go that route.

the north phoenix cycle gear is on cave creek road north of cactus on the west side of the road. The cycle gear on southern and country club has a better selection.

Thanks fellas, i will follow your recs


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