Thumb Injury

Anyone else seem to be prone to injuring their throttle side thumb while riding? I dont know what it is that I do, but for some reason after a long ride my thumb feels like it has been hit by a hammer a few times. I have tried adjusting how I grip, I have tried new grips, and still no luck. The only thing that seems to help it is the several ice cold brews and Vicadin after the days riding is done.

AHHH the 19th hole

sounds like a prior injury acting up from repedative stress...?

Lots of bones in that area, get an xray if its worth it to ya.

This is not a normal thing i'd get it checked out for sure

also its not good to have small things like that bugging you when u ride

its hard enough concentrating on riding the bike u dont need

somethin else to think about :)

Are you hanging on too tight?

I used to wear a blister on mine. I solved it by cutting the end of an old grip ( the hole end of a throttle grip); once you have the doughnut slip it over the throttle grip. You won't notice it except if gives an extra cusion to your thumb.

try keeping it out of your @ss while your'd be amazed at the improvement in your riding style! :)

My wife's bike used to do that to me.

The handlebar ends pulled back in a "V" pattern and it put too much pressure on my thumb because I couldn't lay my hands flat on the grips. They fit her OK but I couldn't ride that thing more than an hour at a time. (We/I changed them)

If it's none of the things mentioned above. I'd be checking my handlebar set-up.

Are you using padded gloves?

Hey funny guy, this is very common to riders. They used to call it Yamathumb.

Have you ever broke it?I broke mine 3 years ago and it still hurts in the vee after every ride.You may have broke it and not known it.

I'm with Kawidual - get it checked out. Frequently an injury to the thumb is ignored. It can cause long term disability of the hand and possibly a loss of ability to pinch firmly. Happens to skiers alot.

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