AMA to launch Supermotard

see it here The AMA is jumping on the bandwagon!

From Roadracing World


AMA To Launch Motard Championship

From a press release issued by AMA Pro Racing:


PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- AMA Pro Racing will debut an all new motorcycle racing championship in 2003 based on the popular supermoto format. The series is scheduled to begin in late Spring and AMA Pro Racing plans a complete press conference and introduction during Daytona Bike Week in March.

According to Scott Hollingsworth, CEO of AMA Pro Racing, the new series already has the support of the major OEMs as well as a number of national sponsors.

"It's apparent that the marketplace is ready for this championship and AMA Pro Racing is pleased to take the leadership role in its development," said Hollingsworth. "Supermoto, with its combination of road racing, motocross and flat track elements, is a fantastic platform for manufacturers to showcase new product and expand their marketing opportunities. Plus, there's no better way to demonstrate rider versatility. To succeed in this series competitors will have to master several racing disciplines."

A cross section of national caliber riders has expressed interest in competing in the series including reigning AMA Progressive Insurance U.S. Flat Track Champion Chris Carr, two-time X-Games gold medalist /freestyle motocross star Mike Metzger, five-time Daytona 200 winner Scott Russell and former World GP Champion, Kevin Schwantz. Bringing riders together from differing racing backgrounds will ensure not only a good show but broad fan appeal as well.

Races will run in conjunction with already-established AMA professional races or as stand-alone events in a number of major markets nationwide. One of the goals of the series is to offer as many riders as possible the opportunity to compete. Complete series details, including class structure and rules will be announced in March. In the meantime, anyone interested in obtaining more information should contact AMA Pro Racing's Andy Leisner at

Now we're cooking with gas. :)

It really sucks that the AMA is imposing a 500cc limit

on all the bikes being raced in the series.

I guess all of us that have bigbore SuperMotos and have

been racing the past few years are left out in the cold if we wish to race in the AMA.

Everyone else out there that bought exotic bigbore European SuperMotos for racing the past year or so are SOL if you want to race.

Maybe the AMA is playing favorites to the "Big Four", it sure wouldnt be the first time this has happened.

I dont know about you, but I'm a little disappointed....

Total BS in my humble opinion....

My feeling is that they will be tearing down lots of motors...

Guys its not a 500cc limit its a 450 limit. Hello big four. I think they forgot to look at who made this sport and got it to where it is.

I'm glad they're calling it Supermoto and not Supermotard. Maybe now everyone can get unified with one name and end all the confusion. Whenever people ask me what I did with my old MX bike and I tell them I've turned it into a Supermotard they look at me like I'm a Super-retard. I might as well be speaking Chinese as far as they're concerned.

I can see the complaint about not allowing the bigger bikes but the future is 450cc four strokes. If the Euros want to race motocross/supercross with the Jap brands they can't go bigger than 450 so why should this be any different? I don't think any manufacturer is really interested in developing two seperate engines, a 450cc for motocross and a 600+ for Supermoto when they can get away with just one... more bang for your buck. Plus, if this is going to go big time it needs to get serious and level the playing field engine size wise. Run what ya brung may be fine for a local grass roots race club but we're talking about an AMA National series here, you need to set the limit somewhere and 450 is the obvious answer.

Privateers who currently own big bore bikes have a legitimate complaint but I doubt the Euro factories complained too much about it. Hell, KTM has two new 450cc engines, a long stroke torquer and a short stroke screamer. They already have an advantage in that department over the Japs, they can use which either engine suits the course.

Well spoken MotoGreg. I agree 100%.

Although the 450cc displacement limit is great for the bike that I ride, I don't think the series will be taken seriously around the world unless the big bikes are allowed in. I think racers in Europe will have a bit of a laugh about it.

The AMA should have 2 classes: Middleweight and Unlimited. Guys that go to these races want to race in more than one class usually anyway. Also, the smaller japanese, etc. middleweight bikes are still competitive in the unlimited classes anyway. Just look at what bikes won championships this year: CRFs, Husqvarna, Cannondale :):D

Somebody outta call Alan Leisner and tell him some of this stuff. How about you Paul??

Motardracer I cannot say to much at this point. I have been working with Glenn on a national series for about a year, We are ready to go on it just a couple of this to work out. I can tell you that on Monday I sent the day with the AMA. I cannot post any comments at this time about what was talked about. All I can tell you is the is a better way, And you will all see it next week.

Paul Brent

Funny, they mention Scott Russel being in the series, but his fancy new KTM he rides is no longer legal.

Don't forget the mini class!!! :)

For what its worth here is a letter I sent the AMA


It was good talking with you yesterday. I'm looking forward to working with you on the furture Motard racing series. A couple of things to think about, And I know you have gone over a lot of things on this but, This sport needs an unlimited class, Yes you are right that across the pond the big bike's are winning everything, But thats because they are the only manufactures really supporting this sport and putting lots of money into it. Why because as you know there's not a market for big displacement motocross bike's and the only way they can sell them is in motard form, 95% of huskys etc sold in England are for motard, If you close that door here in the US, All that money from those manufactures is gone and there furture relys on motard, And if they are to have any success in the US there has to be a class for them, Plus there are a lot of these bikes coming out of the wood work and finding there way out onto the race track, Helping fill the fields at local tracks. Please I ask you to rethink on this, The sport has made it only because of the support from these bike's and there factorys, You have to give these factorys hope of making it in the US, And Motarding is they only way for them. Most of them are working on 450's and will have them in a couple of years, But until then they need some way to survive. I see why you are thinking of a 450 limit and in the furture that will be the way to go. A built CRF450 can run with the 570/660 bike out there its power to weight, I have been to lots of Motard racing all over the US this year and its not a problem for the 450's. If you have a 450 limit this year it will be a Honda class, Is that what you want all red out there. As I will say please wait a least one or two years as the FIM are doing. It would be the like road racing having the top class 600cc thats never going to happen is it??. Sorry for going on about this but its such a big part of what makes this sport so big is that you could have 10 differant manufactures competing out there, Or it could be only one or two. Thats not what we want is it.

In the racing over the last year we tried a few differant things, The main things that have come out of this is, A two race format and Superpole, The rider's love this Just something for you to think about. Rule book are you coming up with one or would you like to take a look at ours.

Paul Brent


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