An educated guess on WR450's weight

The internet site shows NA for weight!

Whats up with that? :D:)

Originally posted by pedman:

If I remember right, :) 257 wet weight...

Maybe on Yamaha's scales!

Well Yamaha's site now lists it as 221 lbs. dry.

THAT is hard to believe, especially with the way manufacturers lie about weight. Would be interesting to see if it is that low but IMO they probably would have been better off saying it weighed 240 or something close to that. At least then it would be somewhat believable.

221, :) yea right.

On motoworld yamaha said the wr450 weighs the same as the wr426 but that includes the e-start.In other words it weighs the same but no more kicking!

If I remember right, :) 257 wet weight...

On the Yamaha site it shows 221 for the YZ not the WR. I'm interested in the WR 450 and there's a long list of improvements to the '03 to reduce weight but then they're adding the E start which like Suzuki's DRZ400E could be an extra 12 lbs! :):D:D:D

Well my 2000 Wr400 weights 400lbs so I am guessing the new WR450 to be about 450lbs,

Gee Oats if your 00WR weighs that much then my street leagal 99 must weigh about 475...

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