Can you believe it this is my 300th post mostly in the mini XR forum.

Yay me!

You sir, are a TT junkie! :)


Hope I helped out at least one person.

I think you are suffering from the (too) long Michigan / Ontario winter. You should check out the XR100 ice racing scene in Michigan. Every Sunday on Crescent Lake in Waterford, Michigan there are a bunch of guys riding XR100s, XR600's, CR250's, etc. Screw in a bunch of Kold Kutters and you should be in business.

phil, dude...

over 300 posts.........1 person helped... :)

the odds gotta be in your favor :D

come on somebody...say thanks to phil! :D



THANK YOU PHIL!!! Gotta migrate south sometime this summer, talk to some of my junkie friends, and ride with us. :)

see how easy that was!

we love you man :)


i love you all equally!

Way to GO! :)

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