First, the manual states 269# with oil and full tank of gas. (doesn’t mention antifreeze but I’m sure it’s included). Tank capacity 2.96 gal Coolant 1.69 quarts.

The weight I got.

First I tried putting the scale on a bike stand but no matter how I positioned it under the bike I couldn’t read the scale, the dial was covered up by the bike frame and engine. So I went with the measure the front with a block of wood the same height as the scale under the rear wheel, and then measured the rear weight using the same procedure. The scale is a high quality scale that reads to 300#. None the less I can’t verify the accuracy of the scale. The total weight was 251# . That was with oil, coolant (about 8oz too much) and 1/8 th tank of gas.


Gas weighs from 5.8 to 6.5 # per gallon so the average weight is 6.15 # per gallon. Weight of gas needed to bring it to a full tank is 16.

So, 251 + 16 = 267#

with oil, coolant, and a full tank of gas.

Weight was never really an issue for me with my 02 WR and the manual for it stated 268lbs. with fuel. So, the new WR comes in around the same weight with a battery and electric start. I'm gonna be a happy camper! Thanks for the information. On another note, I'm suprised to see the tank capacity at 2.96 gallons. I thought it was supposed to be a 2.6 gallon tank?


i know you were F****D over by your dealer are you still looking for a WR450 ? or are you going orange?

Gas weighs from 5.8 to 6.5 # per gallon so the average weight is 6.15 # per gallon. Multiplied by 7/8 (.875 the amount shy of a full tank) I get 5.38#. So, 251 + 5.38 = 256.38#

I think you need to adjust your gas calculation to:

.875 * 2.96 * 6.15 = 15.93

So total weight = 251 + 16 = 267 with full tank.

Not bad IMO for a fully loaded WR450.

hehe...almost had one coming from Texas. In fact, the sales got all my info and had the finacing through Yamaha ready to go but he backed out at the last minute with some BS story about it being shipped to the wrong dealer. Whatever. I caught myself looking at the KTM site yesterday but I just can't bring myself to switch to a KTM. =) I'm sure they're great bikes but I would like to keep whatever I do get for a few years atleast and I really like the Yamaha. I'm a conservative guy...I go with what I know works for me and what I'm comfortable with. I made the jump to the WR last year (from a KX500) never having ridden one before and I have been very happy. I MAY, stop by the KTM shop during lunch today and sit on a few...just to compare...and for curiosity sake. Can you get KTM's in any color other than orange? :)

Jim, what tires are on the 450?

Mine came with Dunlop 739's

I feel the same way you do about getting the KTM. KTM is just an unknown to me, but I'm going to look at one this Friday, then go to my Yamaha dealer Saturday to pick up my RM250, and let him know my decision. I will have a new bike within two weeks Blue or Orange. BTW I'm from TN, and orange is not a bad color! :)


PM me if you go orange and let me know what model and what your impressions are compared to the Yamaha. I'm sure my WR450 won't be here by then. :)

Also, we have a ton of KTM's where I'm at in Idaho...everyone seems to ride them.

I'll let you know what I do. BTW I have two good friends that have bought KTM's. Both say they will never buy anything else. They say the cost is higher, but you get better quality, and the resale is percentage wise the same.

Your are absolutely right on my incorrect calculations. I know better but had a brain fart. Based on that I guess we pretty much know the weight of a WR450 is.

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