backfire screen

Like the last couple of 4 strokes I've had, my new wr450 has a wire screen in the air filter cage. Theory is that it will stop a backfire thru the carb from catching the filter on fire (never actually heard of anyone having this happen). On my previous hondas, common practice was to remove the screen as it was felt to be restrictive. Anyone doing the same on the WRs? Any opinions on performance gain? BTW, the cage from the 2 stroke YZs are exactly the same except without the screen, so it's an easier fix than on the hondas.

I doubt there is much to gain on a Wr by removing it. I did watch a 450 honda burn to the ground from a backfire. He removed the screen.

I removed the screen from my 450, and I couldn't tell any difference when tested back to back a few times with the filter assy from my 250.

Thanks for the replys. The screen looks pretty free flowing, unlike the setup on my previous xrs.

Yeah, from what I've read, it only makes a difference on the honda's.

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