Larger tank for 450?

Anyone find a larger capacity tank for the 450 yet? Clarke, IMS, Ty?

Rocky Mountain has a blue IMS 3 gallon in stock.Look under Unit and you should fing it.Acerbis is coming out with a 3.4 in FEB.Don't know about the others sorry.

I talked with a guy at Clarke about a month ago. He was working on it as we spoke. Didn't commit when it would be released though.

I'm waiting to see if the WR tank can fit the YZ w/o changing everything else too.

I just got my 3.1 from IMS last week. Looks very good. Same feel as stock tank. Carries all the extra fuel much lower. I will try to post some pictures tonight.

Clarke will release in March. 3.1 gallons

IMS has a big ad in this weeks Cycle News saying that their 3.1 gallon tank for the YZ450F is in stock and ready to ship. I just put the 3.1 gallon tank on my YZ250 and it's wider than stock and carries the fuel low, very nice.

Does it work with the stock shrouds and seat?

Works with the stock shrouds, seat, etc. Fit and finish is very good. The only thing that is a little weird, is that it is so low it has to drain from both sides, so there is about 3 ft of fuel line. Also, the petcock is just above the ignition case now, so it looks a little vulnerable. I am sure it will be good though.

The same is true for the Acerbis tank (at least on a 426). The fuel line routing is not the greatest work I've ever done, but hey. The petcock lever is plastic and also seems vulnerable to a rock when dumped or potentially even melting if its not high temp material. Very good quality and fitment though...also used stock shrowds and seat with an interchangeable billet filler neck piece - on for a std cap and one for the race cans.



How do you route the fuel line from the rigyt side? Does it go into the petcock on the left side of the tank? Also, Does the stock seat fit well and give the same feel as the seat and stock tank?


On the inside of the tank on the right side there is a 90' fitting that threads into the tank. You route a 20" fuel from that to a tee between the petcock and the carb. It is much simpler than it sounds actually.

The fitment looks exact. I have not ridden the bike yet, but everything snugged up very secure, and it looks exactly that same profile as stock, just drops lower. It actually looks like you could carry 1.8 gallons all below where the stock tank is, which is an advantage to even the MX guys. I forgot to weigh it though, so maybe the overall weight would offset the lower weight? Next time I take it off, I will weigh it.

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