Race Tech suspenion guys

Anybody in here who has a S model and race tech suspension. Are you satisfied with the results?

I can get my bike gold valved and resprung at the local shop for around 450 bucks canadian. I'm going to give the guy a downpayment thursday if I'm going for it so he can order all the parts in. The guys at the shop also said they'd give me a deal on labour considering I've purchased alot of parts through them.

Not yet, my rear adjustments are max. I was looking into it myself. 300 to 350 front and 300 to 350 rear. I was told the 03 had the E suspension. Seems soft to me. I was looking to see if anyone had this done and what did they think. Good luck and please post what think.


I installed a gold valve on a KLX I used to own. I think your satisfaction is more dependant on the choice of how they make up the shim stacks. Just getting the gold valve doesn't really describe what your suspension will be like. They can tune it so many ways.

I thought the suggested valving from Race Tech was more for motocross. I even called them, and they didn't want to deviate from their suggested setups they post on their website. I don't think they knew how to tune very well. I was going for a trail setup, but I got a harsh setup that bottomed easily, pretty much the last thing I wanted. I tried their suggestions and it made it worse. I did not end up using their shim stack setups. I wanted something more progresive. Their setups were fairly even feel throughout the suspension travel, which may work well on an mx course, but it beat me to death over rocks and roots.

I was told the 03 had the E suspension. Seems soft to me.

Yeah I sat on a 03 S model, it has the E suspenion. it felt soft to me. I brought the forks down more than half when I put my weight on the front and pushed down hard.

I wont be getting the race tech valves/springs and such this month. not enough cash in the back to spend it on that. Winter is here anyways, so I might as well just wait a month.

That sounds like a pretty good price quote for the work. I have an '01 E and was quoted more like $800.00 Canadian to have similar work done. What is the name of the shop and who do I talk to? Thanks.

I had Racetech springs and emulators in the forks and a Racetech spring with MXtech revalve in the shock. I am very happy with the results! I can't remember exact price but I think I paid around $900 CAN.

Hey Lolley,

Did they have you set up for a single-stack setup (motocross) or a dual-stage setup? I've got the dual stack (CL7/CH2) and my forks are plush but have never bottomed out

The shop is Sturgis, its in hamilton ontario.

look them up if you want, I don't know how much it would cost you. It'll be alittle more than it costs me in the end.

I'll get mine done at the end of next month. Don't have the cash right now. ALthough I'm trying to think of a way around this wait time. :)

i have a 2000 drz(kick), i had C-Cycle Suspension redo mine. Springs, revalve, and anti bottoming bumpers in the forks. Spring, revalve, anti bottoming bumper, black anodized hard coating on shock body to reduse wear. that cost me $700 US. Plus the black shock looks cool. web page

Well the price changed

I went in with a setup paper from race techs website, somehow the quote went from 450 canadian to about 700. I guess he wasn't inluding labour and I decided to do it the right way and not just have the bushings redone by the machine.(buy the right bushings)

So 700 canadian, and thats with me getting a 10% discount on the price.

I already put 100 down. so the parts are coming in within a few weeks, but I wont have the work done for a month or two. Mainly because winter is here and I have other stuff to pay for. But the main thing is I'll have my S model race tech'd all up for spring :):D :D

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