Nor Cal - 300 mile ride stoneyford - ft bragg...?

saw this link and flyer on the Oakland groups site of the ama 36 pages.

Anyone done this or know the guys putting it on, I know people with

property in ft bragg, would be a great trip..? Where is my gas backpack... :)

Sheet Iron 300:

I've done this ride many times. It's put on by the Oakland Motorcycle Club. It's very well organized and the course is well laid out with hard/easy splits. They transport your overnight gear to Ft. Bragg and back. The start point is the Stonyford rodeo grounds. You navigate the route with a roll chart provided by the club. It's somewhat like an "adding maching" tape in a roll chart holder that you provide. It is a fun trip. I highly recommend it.

The flyer at that website is for last year...Is there any updated information about this year's ride?

I haven't rec'd this year's flyer yet. The ride is usually around the third weekend in May.


no i couldnt find any new info, in fact almost every group listed on the AMA D36

page do not update there sites very often...

There was a big email list of members in the Oakland club on their site.

Hopefully its not too close to the same days as the Thumpertalk meeting @ foresthill.

Wonder if they would give me a better deal then $45 with no luggage and

a one way trip...?

I've also done this ride. It is one of the best dual sports up here in Nor Cal I think. Different than the Ridge Runners 500 (Angels Camp to Carson City and back) in that there is more dirt, more singletrack, fewer riders, and much less dust. They have both camping and motel options in Ft. Bragg. When I went I was one of three people camping. We had a great site in that it was walking distance to a decent Mexican restaurant and we were very close to the ocean. Anyway, it is recommended for sure. You can also call the Oakland MC-their meetings are on Wednesday nights so someone should be there tonight.


Those are fun rides.

They are one of the main reasons I wish my Z had a plate.

The Ridgerunner 500 was canceled this year so maybe I can "mooch" the bike I was going to ride there for this ride instead. I'll start working on it.

It'd help if there was a firm date.

I haven't ridden with these guys but I've heard that they put on some very good rides. Going on some of their rides would be a good way to find some neat areas. I gotta get a D/S!

Rich at Oakland MC is emailing me the date. I'll post it as soon as I get it.


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