YZ Throttle Stop for 2000 WR 400

I know that this is a worn out subject, but there are so many conflicting stories that I wanted to add clarification. This is for the 2000 WR 400. It shares the same carburetor as the 2000 YZ 426 minus jetting changes and throttle stop length. On the '00 YZ 426 the throttle stop is Yamaha part number 5JG-14591-00-00. The ENTIRE YZ bolt/stop length including the allen bolt head is 23 milimeters long. From the tip of the stop to the shoulder of the head including the threads it is exactly 18 milimeters long. The throttle stop on the '00 WR 400 and YZ 426 also function as the rear bolt that looks like it holds the black plastic throttle cable cover on the carburetor. I don't know what the stock WR throttle stop length is on the 00 WR because mine was cut off completely. Simply remove the WR rear bolt/stop on the black plastic cover and replace it with the YZ bolt/stop listed above. It already even has threadlocker on the YZ stop. This is the EASIEST way to ensure the proper throttle stop length. There is a big (10 mm) tip that extends past the threads on the YZ throttle stop. If yours is ground down all of the way to the threads it is too short. I haven't ridden it yet to tell if there is a difference between the cut off WR stop and the new YZ stop. If anyone cares anymore, I will post the results. If nothing else, it should keep the slide from cutting a groove in the carburetor cover as many people have said a cut off tip will do.

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Yeah my throttle stop on my 2000wr400 was cut down to about 10mm in length which is way to short. The underneath of the top cover of the carburetor there was a small gash because the slide was hitting it. Now I have a yz throttle stop which works great.

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