Cold weather, will not idle. Solution inside!

Last weekend I wanted to run my bike upnorth, the weather was -25'C . Besides being hard to start in the cold the beast would not idle for me. I had to stay on the throttle so I had figured either the idle jet was clogged, or the plug was slightly gunked.

The solution was to take the bike for a ride, or just simply let it sit in a warm place for awhile. The problem stopped after a short ride. So my guess is if you have this problem, get the bike nice and warm by riding it so that you can melt the frozen idle jet you more than likely have. :):D

With the windchill off the bay it got down to -35C last night. I think thats about -25 in english.

I run my bikes all winter also but there comes a time when being a whimp is a viable option. :)

My old S-10 needs about 10 minutes to clean itself out when the mercury drops, my bikes, i usually

put a micro furnace to the motor for a bit before i light them up! Motor oil might be multigrade but it's

still cold and cold air leans out the fuel mixture. More times then enough condensation can be a real

SOB! Best i can figure is finding some rich old broad and moving to Florida!

The white [censored] will either make me or break me. I got to go, i've got a date with a shovel......... friggin

wind keeps putting it back again. :D

(Censored) OK ........ POOP :)

Remember, at these temperatures be carefull warming the engine up to running temperature, a friend of mine blew up his snowmobile motor last year, he started it and rode off without letting it warm up long enough and it grenaded at high rpms.

Always amazes me that when nothing else will start properly without having the block heater plugged in i can go over and beat the snow and ice off the snowmobile and it will be guaranteed to start second pull of the pullcord starter and idle on the choke and the colder the weather the better it works on trail.

What is the advise for jetting the bike for cold climates?

Installing a larger starter jet and/or pilot jet could be an option. However, that would be stupid if you're only talkin' once or twice per winter. Or better yet; when it's that damn cold just wimp out :)

Most of my stuff starts on the second pull also .................. I use 10 foot pull cords :D :D :D Ya gotta love

2 smokes in the cold! 0 humidity in the air makes a carb aspirate well i think.

I have a dynojet kit in my bike which is set up for summer and seems to work ok for winter also. Snows to deep

for the woods already so i'm on the roads and running on the needle most of the time. The white poop must be

4 shovels full deep near your place!

How's the furnace working anyway? Hope you got enough back in the cookie jar for the new bike!

So Suzuki is bragging about winning the GNCC and WORCS, so sell me something new .... I'm waiting!


Backburner, lots of snow and with the cold spell it made a great base on the trails, no problem go anywhere stuff, i sled most weekends.

Not sure if i will get my 400E this year yet, cookie jar seems to get emptied too often, i need a buddie bike though my brother is crossing the pond for a visit in august.

Roll on the springtime, maybe we can get that maritimes trail ride organized this summer?

I love Florida!!! :):D

"My parents didn't want to move to Florida, but they

turned sixty, and that's the law."

--Jerry Seinfeld


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