OK using fuel addtives for carb/top end cleaning?

I have used some of the off the shelf carb/piston/cylinder cleanout with good effect on autos. Is there a favorite for motorcycles? If so, just cut down the amount for the tank size?

Any advice is appreciated. Just wondered if there are alternatives to having to take everything apart to remove some deposits/buildups.

any good carb cleaner is fine.

Apparently no side effects such as yes the carb is clean but now you need a new motor?

Ohh man no I am sorry I did not understand the first post, went back and read it again.

No way would I do that, take the carb off and clean it.

I thought you meant cleaner as to what to use.

No way No Way No way

I'm not sure if I fully understand your post as well, but I'll have to guess that you mean a fuel additive that works as a varnish and carbon remover.

Overall, there really is no need to do this mainly because of the difference in the operating characteristics between a dirt bike and an automobile. Primarily, the distinction of operating time and RPM range.

Lastly, these additives will seldom rid dirt buildup in the petcock screen and carb and accelerator pump bowl. The three areas that should be drained and wiped cleaned as part of a regular maintenance plan.

However, the reverse is true for removing varnish from a crankcase, but we'll save that for another post.


Posting unclear questions is my life. It is correct, I was looking for something you would add to gas to clean out the internal stuff.

I had read some horror story about a guy that took apart his carb, had some stretched gasket situation and now is bidding on 800 buck carbs.

Just thought there might be some decent product that saves a step without harming the motor.

The carb is nothing to be scared of, just don't split the upper and lower half. Don't remove the torx head screws that have yellow paint on them.

Sounds like the guy took apart the parts that he's not supposed to take apart. :)

If you know the guy with the carb, let me know.

There are ways to fix this.


His username is Grashopr and he had a post on the YZF 400/426/450 forum called "Need Carb." I don't know if he got it resolved but there may be other interested parties in knowing how to salvage/obtain that insidious little gasket he refers to.

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