So. Cal WR 450 owners

Hey, any of you SO. Cal. proud owners of new WR 450s got the urge to dualsport your bike?... Please, Please, Please take your scoot to Electrex so that they can design and start building Dakar kits. I NEED ONE... This would be a courtesy to the rest of us.

Thanx Jim

Ok Jim, How did you get your bike so fast? I'm in Eugene and have had the first one on order from my dealer for 4 months. What is your secret?

I don't know about Jim but I'm in Roseburg and I got my shiney new wr450 last week, the first one here but I ordered it in June. :)

I want to dual-sport my WR450 so I'll do it. Got my bike yesterday. Who do I call to set this up?

Thanks oregon mudder, now I'm really pissed off. My dealer must be out of touch if he can't even get one bike with the first round of shipments.

Hate to be the one to burst your bubble but your WR is a CA Red Sticker bike. The CA DMV will not plate the machine if the clerk is following the rules. If the clerk ignores all the computer warining messages and pushes your paperwork through to get your plate it will be revoked on renewal.

You can confirm this by checking your VIN stamped on the steering head. If there is a 'C' or '3' in the 8th position you bike is forever tagged as not meeting CA emission standards. If your dealer failed to mention this he was apparently after your money instead of you future business.

Trick dualsport will have the kits ready later this week. I'm meeting with Dale on Friday to take measurments of my New WR. His kit will be light and clean. I would suggest you guys contact him. He called me this morning and is excited to dualsport the new WR's as he's done with it except the brake light switch which he'll be done as soon as he sees my bike.


Understood, which is why it is good to be from Wyoming with an address there!

You are wise for using your out of state address.

Now when you are ready to try YZ exhaust cam timing on your WR450 send me a PM.

I work for an automoblie dealership here in So. Ore and I had our DMV gal check out about my MSO on my new WR450 about not being legal. They said "No problem, we will sell you a plate but it's up to you to deal with the cops" Sounds like "Show me the money". Today I will go to DMV and stand in line and get a plate.


Went down, stood in line, paid my money, and they gave me a plate that's good for 4 years. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!


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