WR450 Manual.

Any body have any luck getting one yet. My dealer says that they haven't even started printed them. I know thats not true. They wouldn't release a bike with out a manual to go with it. You just may not be able to get them yet.

David I have the one that came with my bike. It is called the owner's service manual part number LIT-11626-16-43

The manual comes with the bike, Mine was shipped with the bike in the crate, Ithink your dealer is holding out, maybe wants to keep it for himself.

There should also be a parts list in the crate with the bike. Dealers normally keep these for themselves. If you're referring to the factory service manual, the part number for it should be on the fische with the rest of the parts. Until the dealer actually gets a particular model in, its not unusual that they dont have the numbers for parts for it.



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