Chemical cleaners

Basic question,

What is the difference between Contact Brake Cleaner for $2 bucks at Auto Zone and the Contact Cleaner for $7 bucks at Cycle City or Cycle Gear or any Motorcycle dealer? I want to use it to clean out my cables before I lube them.

The difference is $5.

See ya tonight at Perris :)

Dang I was beat off the line


That's what I thought. Nothing!

Bikes all ready to go. I get off work at 5 and should get there by 6:30. I hope it is not going to be a zoo tonight.


The real difference is how many good brain cells it will kill. Between contact cleaners, brake shoe cleaners, carb and fuel injection cleaners- Look for a degreaser/cleaner that does not contain TCE Trichloroethane or Methy/ methylene chloride. They are suspected or known carcinogens, If you have to use them, use it in open air or a well ventilated room.

The cleaners least harmful but still need ventilation contain hexane or pentane product as the active ingredient.

Then I consider the price.

So what are you saying? Don't drink the stuff? j/k

I also use latex gloves when working with any chemical.

But what I am really worried about is if a Brake Cleaner will ruin rubber oil seals and cable casings. That's is why I made the post.

funny story: I was carrying a pan of antifreeze out of the garage one day as this old homeless dude is pushing his shopping cart by. He looks down at the pan and says, "Hey, how bout a drink of some that?! I stop in my in tracks as I am thinking "are your serious?" Then he laughs and laughs as he keeps pushing his cart down the sidewalk.

I think that's a valid concern. I thought lubing cables was a 70's thing. Modern cable sleeves are Teflon lined and don't need any lube. Brake cleaner probably isn't good for the Teflon lining. Adding lube will attract dirt and make them gummy thereby setting up a vicious circle. Better to keep them clean and dry, IMO. Of course, the bike shops will gladly sell you cable cleaner, oilers, and lube.

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in my years is the detrimental effect of residues left behind by cleaners, especially those that claim to be residue free.

These residues can glaze up clutch plates, destroy brake pads, ruin rotors, cause seals to stick and swell, and harm the overall performance of the component that you assume you're doing a favor. In many cases, residues from solvents can greatly diminish the performance of operating fluids such as suspension and brake. Hence the reason you would never want to use a carb or brake cleaner type solvent in rebuilding a shock or fork, (and believe me, many shops even make this mistake).

Regardless of what you use and where you purchase it, determine for yourself if it leaves a residue.

Sample spray about half an ounce onto some clean foil and allow the solvents to evaporate. In many cases, you'll be surprised as to what's left behind, not to mention how oily they are. You might as well spray WD-40 on your rotor for how messy many of the "residue-free" brake cleaners are.

Sometimes more harm can be done by a person that keeps a bike too clean when done improperly, verses the person that just leaves it alone.


So far this has been a good post, I am learning alot from you guys.

Thank you for sharing. :)

The cleaners with hexane and iso-butane are less harmful and cost more. You still need good ventilation. Avoid the TCE and methylene Chloride products. They are a cheaper product to use, not cheap enough to sacrifice your health.

If you have to use products of this nature go to an automotive paint store and get a disposable organic respirator. They are $15.00 to $20.00. I use one when spray painting acrylic enamels and cyanide based primers- even when outside.

I do not lube my cables because it gumms up. If you cables are dragging then replace them.

cable casings????you mean the coiled metal material that the cables run through? unless its acid the "casings" will be fine...i like triflow lube...unless you use belray chainlube it should not gum up.if you want to clean out a cable ,gumout carb cleaner will get it spotless...and totally grease and gum free.after you get it clean then shoot triflow into the cable with the little swizzle straw that comes with it....

honest anwers here....doesn't triflow smell like those candy necklaces we used to get when we were kids?

and doesn't klotz 2 smoke oil smell like play dough?


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Proaction suspension, front and rear springs,+revalved (Reese Firestone

mechanic) ,mxhouse custom billet aluminum,machined brake pedal w/ pivot end

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I love Triflow, but you can't find it anywhere around here anymore. I used to work for a tradeshow exhibit house and one of our clients was Thompson/Formby Co., the maker of Triflow. Before I quit, I had picked up cases of the stuff, 8 oz. spray, 12 oz. spray, little squirt bottles, gallon can. Needless to say, I am set for awhile, I quit 3 years ago, still have loads of it.

By the way, I am a fellow Pipefitter/HVAC Service, Local 614.

Nothing smells as good as Maxima Castor 927 and race fuel. It has sort of a sweet smell.

cool ddz...i hope you have some inside work... is it as cold in TN as it is in MD? this morning 10 degree's....have to heat up the deisel fuel...

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