Starter Relay Problems

Hi Guys, when re jetting (taking the bike apart) my new WR450f 2008, I think i have damaged the starter relay, when disconecting the wiring to take the rear frame off i thought I had to disconnect the relay, I couldn't although i think i might have cracked it or something. When i put the bike back together it turns over at less than half speed and wont start.. I have ordered a relay ( twice the price here than in the States..) but still cant get the old one off.. The whole thing moves when you try to undo the bolts, scared stiff of breaking anything else..

Anyone took one off?? Please tell me how.


Well fitted new relay eventually and guess what.. No difference, starter still turns over real slow.. not enough to start bike, tried booster cables from car etc, no diffrence.. anyone had similar problems??? PLEASE>>

if it was a bad relay i dont think the bike would even attempt to start.

is your battery low?? trickle-charge the battery first

It sounds like you have a poor electrical connection somewhere. You may have to go through all the connections and grounds and make sure they are clean and tight. Sometimes a bit of corrosion gets in there from washing and it will ruin the electrical path. Also make sure the battery is fully charged. If these little batteries are quick charged they can be easily damaged. Does the bike start OK with the kick starter?. I recommend always doing at least the first start of the day with the kicker, after that the starter will usually work on a warm engine. WR Dave.

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