a message to all the brave/bold

I just wanted to be sure and THANK those that are going east for their time & effort for which they put forth on behalf of this country .

and no, HR, you can't put a no-stall autoclutch in a M1A2 Abrahms MBT. :)


Thanx for the thanx! Means a ton!

For those that read this thread, I have received a deployment order from my higher headquarters.

What this means = HR be headin "due east" here real quick for an undertermined amount of time in Support Operation Enduring Freedom.

This here is my life and choose it willingly and freely (no draft!) So as I say....Its all good!

Cant tell you all how much it means to us soldiers to know our country supports us....not possible to put into words...

will update more to the thread as the Army sees fit to let me talk!

God Bless!




Thank you for your service to our country. Good Luck and God Speed.

Thanks HR for the PM update and certainly THANK YOU! for your sacrifices made to keep this country a great one.

Hurry back!!!!

To HR and ALL Others Headed East,

Thank-you, God Bless and by all means get the job over quick with and return home on your feet.


Thanks to all of men and women of the Armed Services for protecting our Freedom and Country. Good Luck and may God be with you!

Thank You, Carl

HR and everyone else that serves to protect our freedoms. THANK YOU!

We have the best military in the world by far and it's because we know that the freedoms we stand for are just and true. I really appreciate all those who risk their lives on behalf of myself, my family, and my country. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Keep your head down and be safe.


Post deleted by txfoster

Hey HR,

The word "Freedom" is a bit of an oxymoron. We all know Freedom is not free. Thanks for picking up the tab! Godspeed!

Good luck out there HR! I also await TAD, I'm Ready!

God Bless

Tim Foster LT USN

Take care HR...

Sure wish I had that 1700 hp Pratt&Whitney under me right now saddled with a 120mm smoothbore... ah the smell of a HEAT round headin' down range...

BTW, the M1 already has an autoclutch... :) I feel sorry for the SOB's on the receiving end of an M1A1/2 MBT.


HR: Be careful out there. Do not know ya, but I am an American and certainly am behind you on this effort all the way!!

Also, noticed your Moderator is SUnruh. Are you a thumpin man? Haven't talked to you in a long time. Good test question to see if you remember me...See you are still in Leander. Want a guest pass trip to Milano sometime? Noticed you are not a member there, so offer is available. Keith


Thanks for your service to this country that I love. Thanks also to all of our military folk that 'pay the price' for our freedom. May God protect you all and bring everyone one back home safely!


May you all return home safely AND soon.

Thank god for people like HR. Freedom is not free and I for one won't forget it. Take care of business, and get your self home.


HR - Too bad you can't pack your 'dale so you can do a little overseas desert recon work! Seriously: Good Luck, Godspeed, and BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! God Bless America, and Americans like you!!


Hey good luck HR and god speed,I guess you will be gettin a paddle tire for that dale now huh! :) :DBy the way what unit are you in.

One big SALUTE from Conan' here. H.R. being the protagonist that you are here on this forum may you be safe out in the field!! Thank you to all the men and women serving this great nation!! You are all H.e R.o's... :):D


I am in a Combat Engineer Group.... = blow things up for a living... :)

and then when I am done, rebuild it... = job security with a bang!



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