TTR-125LE in the garage

Just picked up the wife's new TTR-125LE last night. She's going to LOVE that E-Start.. fires right up with a push of the button. The new rear shock resevoir is mounted on the front frame down-tube, which seemed kinda odd. Also comes with a KEY, no less! Front preload adjustment, rear preload compression and rebound adjustment.

Have not had a chance to try her out yet, but thought I'd mention that it's in..

She's going to have a blast on this bike, I know it!

Didn't give me anything off retain since it is just in, but got a break in sales tax and a helmet and goggles.. Oh well.

I'm thinking that I might get one for my wife. Right now she rides a DR200 and the thing weighs a ton. Give us a ride report after the first ride please.

I have same thoughts right know wife is on an 83 dr125 she has just started riding but I can see her ability will out grow it quickly I am looking at the drz 125l, the ttr125le and the crf150 I want somehting she can grow into but is light weight the drz and the ttr were about 175 and the crf is about 216. So i was curious since I have not ridden any of them.


Get her the TTR. She'll be very happy and so will you.

Well, my wife and I went for a short ride yesterday. Since this was her first ride, we just putted around a bit on easy terrain, just to let her get a feel for the bike, and used to the controls, etc..

She did great, and seems to like the bike. The suspension seemed to work well for her, giving a nice smooth ride (I did not adjust it, and will have to add some preload as she improves, and the terrain gets more difficult).

At 5'4" with ~30" inseam, the seat height is low enough to inspire confidence..

So far, it looks like a good choice!

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