FCR39 vs. CV36

What is the difference between the two carbs. and why are guys changing to the FCR39.Are the outside diameters of the intake and airbox ends the same as the CV36.would a different 36mm carb. work as well,and finally,what kind of work is involved changing toa FCR39.Be nice.

The 39 is a Slide carb & 36 is a CV carb.

The S comes with the CV because it's easier to lean out a CV carb to pass emissions (Thus street legal in US).

The FCR gets you much faster throttle response, and more power up top. But I hear the smaller CV is better way down low (rpm).

The CV also gets you better mileage, and won't fuss as much when you change altitude.

As far as installation goes, I think that there are kits out there ready to install, but I think their jetting is off. You should contact Burned.

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