DOes anybody have ramp plans?

Mine is a little small but here it is:


| \_____

LOL...nice Ken. I use the tusk aluminum ramp from www.rockymountainmc.com it was 39 dollars and has a wide enough track my tires don't hit. Works great.

I'm pretty sure he's looking at building a freestyle ramp for jumping. hence the "ramp plans"

I recommend going to another forum: www.freestylemtx.com

They have people that sell ramp plans there... or you can search around and do your own homework to get the plans for free. I have some basic plans.. BUT the ramp is HUGE!!! like 17 feet long. Now, how the hell would I transport that??

Cost a bit to make too. because all the metal and welding.. plus you have to get a shop to bend the metal with a constant radius. Whatever you do... DO NOT USE WOOD!!

I used www.fmxramps.com Talk to Rick Distler. He is the dad of Rick and John Distler (freestyle pros). The plans are like 250.00. Your looking at spending at least a couple grand in materials and labor. I think he sells ramps outright too.

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