Curent Conditions In Winnipeg

Hope your weather is better then ours right now! :):D At least its a dry cold! Any warm weather available on ebay? :D

Temperature -33 °C (-27°F )

Wind Chill -45 °C (-49°F )

Think I'd consider hibernation if I were you. :D Cold down here too. :)

When is Spring? Lets see I hope really soon, like tomorrow perhaps.

It's minus 25 here :)

wed forcast...

cloudy, low 46 ---high 53---

i hate it when its cold :)



Don't make me hate you Rockdodger :DIt's colder than a witches' tit in a brass bra out here :)

its dark outside.... if that helps :D

seriously...this weather can suck due to constantly having to wash the bikes after rides

im exhausted :)




Out in our world you have to pressure wash your bikes in the middle of summer in the middle of a drought. I'll admit it, I'm jealous. You bastards!!! :)

sorry dude...

cold weather and the phili turkeys got punked by the bucs.


ouch! must be a tough week

well i better go get ready for a full weekend... ride saturday and football sunday :D




I'm a Steelers fan, :) you'll never understand but at least every game is exciting, cause you never know who they're going to give the game away to next. :blush:My depression runs deep. Don't care who pulls it off, but man I'm gonna root against ya just for spite. :smirk:GO BUCS :D

i would expect nothing less!


man you got QB problems running back problems, and the old D just isnt that good anymore :)

between that and the move :D



Wish I could brother. Got my job, kids, and all that I can't walk away from. :)

I'm going riding during Sunday's game. 80 Degree temps and non-stop mini-bike fun.

Oh man socalxr you suck!

why did you have to tell us that?

It's soooo cold up here the oil is frozen in the crankcase and the bike won't even turn over.

Hey RockDodger :smirk:Making fun of the Steelers....they could of played a better game than the Raiders did...LOL... WAY TO GO BUCS actually I am just kidding I could of cared less either way...I still didn't win any MONEY :)

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