Engine Hour Meter

I just received an engine hour meter from Yamaha for my CRF450. It is super small and light (1.5" x 3" appx). A friend of mine installed one on his YZF450 and we were amazed to find that we actually put LESS time on the bike than our best "seat-of-the-pants" guestimate. This little device is real simple to install and is watertight. It is actually made for watercraft. It mounts with velcro to the frame and only has a cable that winds around the coil/plug wire to activate the pulse mete. It acts like a Hobbs meter on an airplane. With maintenance schedules being driven by hours, this looks like a real good step in the right direction. As soon as I figure how to post pictures, I will do so.

"So what ARE they talking about?" what are you talking about?

The are the same is this one i have from Yamaha

Meter Picture

It is suprising how many hors you do. I always do a lot more than i thought. Yesteday i went riding (MX) and thought i would have been on the bike for an hour...when by the meter i was actually on it for an hour and a half.

If you don't know already I won't bother telling you.

ok :)

Garry, how much does the unit cost?

Garry, how much does the unit cost?

And can you buy it on-line somewhere? ( URL please :) )

Guys, In Australia it cost me $90 which is around $40US. You can get them from any Yamaha Shop.

Also try this thread there is loads of info about where to buy them. It was a hot topic a little while back

Hour Meter Thread

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