Weepping hole - water pump

My wr450 2007 is having new problam of weepping hole below the water pump. i understood that it means that the water seal is wrong.

can i replace only the outer one without removing the side cover? is it possible to remove the impaler without holding the shaft intenal side?



not totally sure about the 07, but can't be too much different than the 05. I did mine and had to remove the side cover. Since I went through so much work, I replace every seal on that side. Not too bad, about 3-hours and $25 total parts. Clean off the bench, put the bike on the kickstand, grab a beer and put the boob toob on FUEL TV.

It's fun working on the bikes. Take your time.:bonk:

Thanks for the info. Appreciate it!

I've heard of people just replacing the outer (coolant) side seal, I wouldn't do it myself, but it is possible - just drill 2 small holes in it and thread in two small screws so you can pull it straight out using pliers.

The coolant side wears faster because coolant isn't as good a lubricant as oil - the oil seal wears less because it it lubed by oil.

Done it two days ago. the water seal came out easly. 10 min work.

ride it today - like new.

all, thanks for the help.


Yes what they said, you can also put a wrench on the crank to hold while getting impeller off. Make sure there are no burrs. Use Engine Ice after you rinse the whole system out and then your seal wont get so hot and fail you. These bikes run hot and the Engine Ice fixes that issue. You can search the threads - even mine for more info on this. Jason

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