Sticking clutch plates?

My WR has been sitting for 3-4 months, but its finally ready for the track/trail again after a few cool mods! Can't wait to ride again, this weekend!

The bike runs great and shifts fine however, when running, I absolutely cannot get the bike into neutral. Also, if the bike is not running and in gear, even if I pull in the clutch lever, the back tire drags.

So, if I drop the oil and run her hard this weekend, will the clutch plates "free up" or should I be installing a new clutch?

my 97 dr does the same thing. while it's running i can't find neutral, turn it off and i can find it. i put new clutches in it and it does it still. are you using a synthetic oil ? synthetic is slippery and will have an affect on your clutches slippng

If the bike has been sitting that long then the plates could need to just be pulled apart and soaked for an hour or so.

If it where me

I would pull the plates out, let the fiber sit in a pool of fresh oil for an hour or so. then put it all back..

It could be just simply to dry for the plates to free up automatically..

I'm going to change out the oil and ride it. If it is not better, I'll pull it apart. I am using synthetic oil, but it is non-friction modified Mobil 1. As you know, there are lots of TT'ers that us this oil w/o any troubles. Maybe its time to install an autoclutch? :)

By the way, I'm still amazed by response to posts. TT is damn near a real time help line! Thanks :D

Hey Brian,

I think that Ego is onto something. Shocking I know.

Ive taken friends clutches apart and seen dry plates. Just lay the bike over on its side and take the cover off. that way you dont loose any oil. Soak the plates for a while and reassemble. Im bettin that that is the problem.

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