suspension gone wild. Stock settings for 06 model?

I had a guy mess with my compression and rebound settings on my suspension. It was supposed to perform better in the whoops but im sure its made it worse.

The bike rebounds way to quickly and sends the front skywards after every jump. Its a real mess in the whoops and id prefer to have the stock settings back. even if it is just in the front.

anybody give me some tips. I dont know much about it, so step by step will help lots



you do not hav a manual

you do not hav a manual

Strangely Dirtbike in South Africa do not come with a manual.

I do however have a pdf version.

get your suspension re valved for your weight the first chance you get best money you will spend.If you can't find out what the stock settings are i would set all the clickers in the middle and start from there .


In your PDF copy of the owner's manual, Chap. 3 Chassis.

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