Pre-Cut Pre-Printed Backgrounds

Anyone know where I can find pre-cut, pre-printed backgrounds for my new scoot. I am tired of surfing on Yahoo. I did manage to find the N-Style site but it was out of date. I need yellow backgrounds, and black numbers.

Thanks Antman

You might want to try going to So Cal decal works. You can have them pick the number and you just tell them what background color and pinstripping you want and they give you what they have. I got a set of yellow backgrounds with black pinstripping with the number 89 on it. They are really sweet if you don't need a specific number.

Hope this helps


If you order on line from Ten Graphics $49.00 or more they will waive the shipping charges.

Socal makes a good product but they do not "DO NOT" stand behind it.

I am having a problem with them right now.

See my post . They are looking at the problem now waiting to see what they will do.

As I said, they are fast and the quality looks great, and are expensive, but customer service sucks and they do not guarantee

SocalDecal Sucks

I also will NEVER again use socal/decal works. They also have the worst attitude and service.

I took the above tip and ordered from Ten Graphics. I phoned on Monday and they arrived on Thursday. Better looking than So Cal and cheaper too. Thanks for the tip.

I ordered the creative graphics deal last week, just received them today, and they look awesome. I've seen them on 03thumpers bike, and they are well done. . Give them a look.


Does Creative or TEn Graphics use just the diamond portion on the side # plates or do they go up around the top near the seat bolts like SO Cal does on the CRF.... i Prefer just the diamond part of the plate being used....


picky picky

yup... thats what i have now but they are just N-style with stuck on #'s my buddy made... looking a lil worn & since i got new plastic & graphics might as well do the backgrounds too....

Ardfarkl dont make me load up & head to San Antonio tonight for the arena X .... my BBR exhaust in a closed in dome could break 200 db!

I got the Decal Works ones. They have that part you don't like. I think it looks good, but it was a pain to put on.

windex & a hair dryer works wonders.... only like 1 hr per side then haha..

what class you running tonight? I heard Rapture may show up & sand bag the nov class.... :)

Not racing tonight. I am racing tomorrow.

Loopout - I prefer the same. Haven't found preprinted bkgrnds in that format. Have you?

All of the ones I've seen, and I have the Ten Graphics ones (they're great), have the extra part you don't like. You can always cut it off with scissors prior to putting them on though. Just a thought.

Putting them on is easy if you a)take your time, b)start with fresh plastic or at least clean it real well, c)make sure the graphics are warm (above 75), d)use ample Windex on both the plastic and the back side of the graphics, e)position the graphics where you want them, f)work the Windex out from the middle, and g)use a hair dryer to finish it off. They come out perfect with no bubbles or crinkles.


DeCal Works offers FREE install on any backgrounds purchased from them. They also have a install kit coming out soon.

DeCal Works also backs their product 100%

On the CRF they offer 2 dies. The standard has a wing on it and goes up by the seat..They offer a "diamond" shape if you ask special.

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