Sudco backordered until Early March on EMM, PJ

Are these items my local dealer will stock as well? Or are there alternative on line sources for these items that anyone out there has been happy with? I also need all of the other items as well (I think) PAJ or Screw, Main jets and MAJ's.

I'm gonna go for the jetting changes....

Thanks in advance...CG

You may want to double check with them on the EMM. Here's why.

I called to get all my goodies for the "Advanced" jetting in November.

They told me they would send me the rest of the parts but the needle was backordered 'til January.

Well when I got the first set of parts, I noticed they invoice stated I had an EMN needle backordered.

I seems the Yami guys are buying up all the EMN's and when you call Sudco I think they automatically

hear EMN even though thats not what you want. I called them back and they sent an EMM right out.

So, if you think there is a possibility of a misunderstanding, call them back and ask.

the part number for the EMM needle is 017-261

This is the one on backorder for sure. At first the guy said EMN but then I told him EMM and they were out of stock. I have it on backorder right now but I'll keep trying to find them locally.

did you try carbparts?

never heard of it but I found it on the web so I'll call them tomorrow--Thanks...Chris

I used a yamaha yz250f optional needle, OBELM, James Dean listed the part #'s for seveal yamaha needles many times,both here and on the KTM side. Same basic needle as ocemm,but hard plated and 1/2 clip richer.Works great and very easy to get. It is a couple bucks more @ $13.49 ea. :) If you can't get a EMM,try this,you won't be able to tell any differance between the two. :D

Crashing, Like davet said,the Yamaha needles are the way to go.You can get them in a few days and they're hard anodized.I ordered a OBELN needle from (also Yamaha dealer)for $11.50.I think I had it in 3-4 days.

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