50 pipes

I read the reviews on 50ccracing.com and they did a good job. My question is, why is the FMF pipe so much cheaper than the others? Do you get what you pay for? Is it worth spending $230 on a pipe when I can get the FMF from a local dealer for $110? Does the FMF not perform as well as the others? Or is it just a really good deal? Help me out guys. From what I've seen on this message board, you guys deffinately know your stuff. I want to get a pipe for my 50 and I would like to save a few dollars, but if it's worth it to spend the extra money I'll do it.


My brother has an FMF on his and it works fine. My friend has a D&D on his. Probably makes a little more power but its not as pretty. Most of my friends built their own. :)

From what I have seen out on the track the pipes are all about the same, off course there are better ones available then others and the dyno is truly the place to see that, dyno testing all the pipe in equal conditions would be the way to tell, the problem with this is that sometimes the results are distorted a little by horsepower being the key number being judged RPM is rarely taken into account, torque and horsepower need to be related to on track performance this is tuff for most marketing guys to handle and that is how things get clouded a little. hope this helps, I have a PC and find that it works really well and fits really good, sounds sweet too, don't get to excited about pipes because the intake is really the most restrictive part on the XR50, California emissions demand it even on the 50, the 50cc eliminator kit from fast 50s addresses all the restrictions in the system, I haven't tried that but it should be good

I did the write up on 50ccracing.com. If you need a spark arrester in your area you will have to go for the more expensive exhuast. If it is not a issue and you are just doing a mellow 50cc racer the FMF is a great inexpensive way to go. Others are better but not as inexpensive. If you want to do a 88cc motor go with at least the Big Gun if you need a Spark Arrester. It is removable so you get 2 options. Any performance exhuast you go with is going to make a diffrence. The header leaving your barrel on the stock unit is so small it chokes the bike off. All the aftermarkets have a bigger opening allowing it to flow better.

Later Atom RoTTeN

Does anyone know what it would cost to ship a pipe? They're an irregular shape and if it's a lot I don't think I will get one..

Shouldn't cost much to ship a pipe. They don't weigh much and they're not too big. Typical UPS or Fed Ex item. My company charges by size and weight. :)

Would you say $20 American shipped to Canada, on average?

Just to throw another fly in the soup, you should check out our latest release for the Honda XR50.

18% more power than stock, 6 pound shipping weight. If interested, more details can found at

Pro-Tec Online


I have a PC and it works good but the protec looks sweet

cooldog: do you have any other pics of that sobe xr50? Look's rad!

We appreciate the interest. They are so new we are just getting them out to our dealers now. We will put some additional pictures of our SoBe 50 on our web site sometime this afternoon. If you're interested go to Pro-Tec Online



what kind of graphic do you have (are they custom)? I noticed that yours has a more "solid" white on your lightning bolt and it doesn't have the red "s" on the shroud..


The graphics are one off custom that we did for our advertising. We graphically enhanced the area where the 'S' normally is and replaced it with our 'PR' (Pro-Tec Racing) logo. We just put two more images on our web site so you can see it with plastic and without.



Looks awesome! Check your PMs

oh boy! here we go with dan and his yellow fetish!

haha :)

a good pipe is the Two Brothers Racing pipe available at www.sik50s.com or another good pipe is the Big Gun they both cost 229.99-249.99 and they are totally worth it. give sik50s a call and they will hook you up.LaTe

You might want to take a look at the Classic Honda USA’s ULTIMA pipe, for your bored motors. It was designed for the 88cc bore kits and really comes to life on the ported or complete bore kit set ups. Complete bore kits, meaning the kits that come with a head and matched piston, like the KITACO’s STD or ULTRA or TAKEGAWA’s R-stage or Superhead kits. The pipe is not cheap but worth every penny that you pay for it.

Take care,


Classic Honda USA

Lyle, I have a White Bros. R4 on my bike with a Taka 88 combo kit. I have rode a bike with my same motor and your pipe! It sounds and runs way better then mine. I know the price is worth it but you don't to want to sell me one. I e-mailed you about the carbon fiber pipe you have on your 100mph xr 50 but you wont respond.

We only used the carbon fiber muffler on our 125cc Motard. We did not use it on our production pipes, so I can not sell you one with the crabon can.....sorry about that.


Classic Honda USA

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