I'm back!

Well, I had my Knee surgery on December 30th and finally came back to work today. Had my ACL replaced and they "Tacked" down my tore lateral Meniscus. Still can't put weight on it until Feb. Sucks because I bought two snowmobiles this year and we have tons of snow here. :) Been doing my Physical Therapy and exercises at home to get strength and motion back. Thanks to those who wished me well and were praying for me! :D I'll be ready for spring! :D


Good luck, sounds like you're in good spirits. Keep a positive attitude and stick to the physical therapy protocol. Its a lot of work to bring the body back to the way it was. What kind of ACL replacement did you have? I'm 9 1/2 months ACL post-op and things are moving well. I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather.

Good Luck!

They used my Patella (sp?) tendon to replace the ACL. Hows your Knee feeling now? You guys out there that don't ride with knee braces, I would seriously start considering putting some money aside and buy some! I've only seen some of my hospital bills and thank God I have insurance! I'd be selling the bike, four wheeler and the snowmobiles, including all the Kids stuff! :D to pay for this if I didn't! Knee braces are look pretty cheap now! You also don't want to go through the pain when you first tear your knee up then the pain after surgery and recovery! Take care of those knees! Hey, I'm 42 and it finally bit me back. You can only bend steel so many times before it breaks! :)



I also used the patella tendon as my replacement. Now my knee feels great. It took me at least 3 months before I started to feel myself again. Take your time recovering (you will need it) and don't jump right back in the saddle. You'll know when you're ready.

Glad to hear you don't have to rely on that dial up connection anymore!

I'm going to make an appointment for my knee soon. Just to see if there is anything seriously wrong. It's been feeling different lately. Better safe...

Last year a friend of mine tweaked his "good" knee in WVA. That's when I bought a set of asterisks. I've got used to them and now never want to take them off. Worth the $$$

Tmoran - Glad to see your progressing. As many of us know, it is VERY important to stay positive with these injuries.

The bottom line is, healing takes time. Keep up on that therapy...it truely works. I have been going to therapy 3 times a week since Aug-'02 for my knee. And I will admit at times I was discouraged, thinking I wasn't making any progress, untill I reallized how far I had come. I can actually kneel again!! :):D

Hope your recovery goes well. Best of luck!

Good to hear from you TMoran. Glad your feeling better.

I'm looking foward to spring too.

You guys might try talking to your orthopedic doctors.They can sometimes get insurance company to pay for your braces.I got a set of CTI2 for 100 dollar deductable :)

Ryno606, Good tip! I may have to try that. Tmoran, glad to hear you're healing up well. Don't overdo it and all will be well. :)

Small world my aunt and uncle used to live in Keene NH. Now they own Applegate bed and breakfast in peterborough Ever heard of it? erik

Hey tom no sense in letting one of those sleds sit around! Why don't you rent me one for the rest of the winter so i don't have to go guy one!! I still gotta mail out that prize.

Welcome back Tom, stick with the therapy. My experience is, you make progress for a few weeks, then plateau, then make progress again. The key is not to get frustrated during the plateau periods. Just know that even if progress isn't linear or immediate, that doesn't mean it aint on the horizon.

See you soon! Yell when you're ready for us to drive up there and ride


Hey thanks Guys! Eric, I was born In Peterborough! :) There are lots of Bed nd Breakfast places here in NH. I grew up in a town right next to it called New Ipswich. My family still lives there and I have a camp on a pond there. My ex-wife:mad: has a business in Peterborough also. Oops, forgot, my dendist is there too! :D

I hear the ice fishin's good up there this year, Tom. While you're waiting for that wheel to heal, why don't you grab yourself a fifth of JD, some beef jerky and a beach chair and drop a line in? :)

Dan, If I didn't know you already, I'd say your a man after my own heart!

Hey Dan! I'm an avid Ice Fisherman. But we call it Ice Drinking! :) I'm in an Ice Fishing Derby over in Jaffrey NH on Sunday. I haven't been out yet because the snow is too deep on the ponds for me to try to walk with my knee. Got the snowmobile out yesterday to see how the knee would hold out. Brought my youngest son Seth for a nice 30 mile ride before we had to get back for a neighborhood Superbowl party. Just took it really easy and stop and stretch my leg every few miles. We have some nice groomed trails here. Heading up to Moosehead Lake Maine in the beginning of March to go Icefishing (ice Drinking) :Dwith just the Guys.

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