Yfz, Yzf

Dumb question from a thumper newbie are the cases the same on both 450's ATV and Bike? Can you use the atv cases on a bike using the same bike internals, crank, bearings ect.??

You did not post a year, but after looking at parts list for 2004 for both models my answer would be no.

They are not. The YZ450F uses one crankcase from '03-'05 and another from '06-'09. Both of these are different than the cases in a WR450, of which there are also two. The YFZ quads are different than either of these. There is some interchangeability among the engines, but it varies quite a bit, and is mostly between the WR and YFZ.

Thanks alot guys. Sorry for making the obvious no year mistake. Its an 2003 yz450f with a hole in the bottom of both halfs. I have a chance to buy one for cheap but just want to make sure that if I want to fix it that the parts wont kill me. I am looking for used cases and there is a pile of yfz cases on ebay. I may just part it out as well. I am also assuming the '03 is a good bike over all??

Cases from a YZ450F, '03-'05 will fit yours, but not any others. If you have ever entertained the idea of having a wide ratio 5 speed, or more power for lights, cases or a complete lower end/trans from a WR might be an approach to take. The cases won't work without several of the WR components to go with it, though.

Have you thought of getting yours repaired (welded/machined)?

Thanks grayracer. I haven't bought this bike just yet but am pretty close. Just waiting to get some pics of the hole in the cases before I make the 6hr drive to get the bike. I have been buying and fixing riding blown or worn out cr500's for a couple years now as sort of a hobby. This will be the first four stroke I will own and try to bring back from the dead. Figure might as well update my skills and try a new challange.

Need to hear a different sound when I twist the throttle I guess.

If possible I would prefer to have them welded. I have a great aluminum welder just up the road from me.

Thanks again and thumbs up to your Marine.

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