Front Sprocket

I have an O2 CRF. Twice, the front sprocket bolt has backed out. The first time I simply tightened it up considering it may have been loose from the prior owner. The second round used some thread loc and waiting to see the results.

The outer washer appears to have a dome shape about the size of a 50-cent piece. I would assume the principle is when the dome is compressed, it creates tension so the bolt does not loosen.

The bolt is in very good shape no cross threading etc.

Any one else experienced this problem?

Thanks in advance.......

I just put a new chain on and a fastway spacer. I installed the bolt with some blue locktite. I am used to the Kx that has a snap-ring holding it in. I also backed out the kickstarter bolts and put a little on them as well. I tore the bike down and made sure everything is tight, are there any other problem areas we should know about as far as bolts coming loose on these CRF's. I know the KTM guys have a ton of problems with bolts backing out.

i had a countershaft bolt and sprocket come off in the air. :) locktight is a must

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