2003 YZ250F and WR250F on-line PDF manuals


through the efforts and resources of several individuals, PDF-format online copies of the 2003 Yamaha YZ250F and WR250F Owners Manuals are now available.

note that these documents are PDF copies of exactly what you received with your 2003 YZ250F or WR250F -- no additional technical nor performance data is included.

also note that the information in these PDF files went from God to Yamaha to You. please don't spindle, fold, or mutilate the individuals involved in the delivery of the data.

ok, on with it. one note of caution, these are BIG files -- more than 20MB in size. i have stored the files in both "raw" PDF format and as a ZIP archive. if you click the PDF version, modern browsers and the adobe acrobat plugin will attempt to download just one page at a time. this is both inconvenient and slow. for those reasons, i suggest that you do a complete download of the PDF file to your local disk. in netscape 7.x, right click, select "Save link target as"; in explorer, right click, select "Save target as". let it download and then you can open it locally.

please please please if there are problems opening the files let me know ASAFP so that others don't waste time downloading garbage. i checked everything the best i could but sometimes good ol' Mr. Murphy pops up to say Hi.

the link (remember to RIGHT CLICK on the PDF version!!!)

[the zip files are about 20% smaller than the raw PDF files.]


please note that all the real work was done by TT member Rick_Kienle and TT moderator SUnruh -- without them you would have no PDF manuals. so be polite and say thanks.

have fun, live large.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Wrooster and everyone else who made this possible,

I just downloaded the manual and everything looks great. It only took about 15 minutes (not bad for such a large document).


The Rookie

PS. I'd send some heat to NJ, but I don't have much to give you. It has only been getting to mid 40's here (and that's +15 degrees above normal).

Thanks Rick for the files! :D

Jim - great job Mr. "TT System Administrator"! Everything worked fine here too! :D

I'm a bit jealous though, where are the electronic versions for the 01 & 02 250Fs? :)

Rick - how did you obtained the PDF files for the 03s? Do they have documents for the older models too (01 & 02 250Fs)?

Here are some more thoughts for our little 250F cyber world if possible, feasible and legal:

1) Can Rick put the parts fiche online too (at least for the 02 250Fs), is this legal (other parts sites does it, e.g. Yamaha of Troy has the 01 parts fiche)? If it's already in the public domain, it should be OK right? Any corporate lawyers out there to confirm this? What format is the parts fiche in (paper or electronic)? If it's in electronic format already it may be easier, if it's in paper format it can be scanned -> legal or not? :D Motoman 393 scanned in the whole service manual for his YZ426F at his site and his site is online (i.e. in the public domain)...

2) Who has a fully functional Acrobat PDF reader/writer? Most people like myself only have the free reader. If you have the full version, can we save each page as a web/html page (or at least as an image such as jpeg)? If so, we can create each page and index them using html and the whole document will truly be online - perhaps the TT server will store the documents (or image files) on its disk.

3) If the Acrobat idea is a no go, we can always do it the hard way and scan the manual and store the images online on the TT server as a reference.

This way, the TT 250F forum will truly have everything we can use all in one place! :D We can then easily reference the manual anytime/place via TT - that would be sweet! :D

Any thoughts on this from the owners (Bryan & Steve C.), moderators (Bill & Steve U.), administrator (Jim), other TT members?

hey, it turns out people want this stuff -- less than 12 hours after putting the files up...

$ grep manual access-current.log | cut -d" " -f 1 | sort | uniq | wc -l


68 people downloaded one or more of the manuals. :)

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f


Foiled by a sysadmin doing command line inquiries!!!

OK. I'll come clean. I downloaded both manuals in .PDF format.

Now I'll sleep at night.

I would like to compliment all involved with this project.

I can appreciate the efforts (I'm a network tech) you all have gone to in making this a reality for us "users" out here.

Good job & thanks!


Thanks a lot.

Did Rick_Kienle and SUnruh make up these manuals or were they downloaded from somewhere

Is it possible to get a Manual for the WR450 as this is fantastic for searching etc.

Also an online microfische would be awesome, I would be willing to host it if need be.

Rick, Jim, thanks very much. :)

As for the Adobe Writer, I could help with that if need be.

Thanks a bunch Wrooster,

Everything downloaded perfectly.Thanks for all your efforts.

:):D :D

I can not download it, my browser says site is down or does not exist. I can get to dydns home page??

I am in the UK,that should make no difference though.

I will try again later in the day, you are all probably still asleep.

Thanks to all that made this possible. I grabbed them both last night......


Wow, modern technology comes through again! It took roughly 1½ hour to download each manual on my ancient 56K dial-up modem. :)

Thanks a million fellow Thumpers! :D

very kewl!!!!!!! thanks


Thanks to Rick, SUnruh, and Wrooster for getting these up! Now I can read up on all the maintenance I need to do while I'm sitting here at work. And everyone will think I'm working diligently! Bwaahaha!

Not only did I get the YZ250F manual, but I was also very pleased to see that the PDF file had been created from the original text document for the manual. In other words, the PDF file had not been created from scanned images of the manual.

This means that we can do text searches in the PDF file, and NOT be limited to just browsing and looking for something. I've tried searching for certain words in the document and I was able to find the sections and go straight there.

Nice move!!!!

Jim/Rick - I take it that a link will be added to Rick's 250F FAQ to the manuals?

SUnruh - can you "pin" this post at the top of our forum?

Rick - howzabout them fiche? :)

Thanks guys! :D

Thanks a bunch!!!!! :):D :D

I down loaded the file, opened it and it all looks like egyptian wall paintings. wich format should i use?

Do a search on Acrobat PDF reader, you need that program to read the files - the Acrobat reader is free.

Good work!

The HTML version sounds like a great idea but, a format like tiff or jpeg would be much easier to produce and integrate to web pages then Adobe PDF...

As for an '01 250F manual, I am scanning my WR250F manual in PDF format if you want it. It's a Canadian WR but the manual has the info. on US models in it too.

I don't know about the legality of all this as I'm not a lawyer - these manuals are listed as copyrighted works (look in the front cover).

The fact that a document is posted on the web, like the parts microfiches', does not automatically make it public domain either.

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