looking for wrf hi/lo headlight switch


an upcoming enduro requires a working hi/lo headlight (uggh, i know). i've got a USA-spec '01 wr250f, seems like all the right bit are already there for the high beam to work (including the three contact bulb) -- but i need a switch. either a replacement for the stock on/off type (perhaps a three position LO/OFF/HI type?) or maybe i'll just wire up an auxilliary switch to turn the high beam on.

i talked to the folks at www.fourstrokesonly.com -- they were out of stock on a simple on/off type, and i don't really want to get a complicated US$75 headlight+horn+signals type switch. i'll crash and break that thing off in no time. anybody have any leads for me? anyone got something laying on their bench? any Euro- or Aussie-spec switch that will save the day?

thanks in advance,

jim aka the wrooster

ps: sorry for the cross post into two forums but i figured there were more dual-sporters here in the wr400/426/450 forum... the original 250f forum post, if you want to keep all of the replies in one place, is at:


I can solve your problem for like $5. Go to radio shack and buy a 3 way toggle switch. Wire power to the center pole. And the 2 filiments of the bulb to the other two poles. Mount the switch to the handlebar clamp with a flat strip of metal. It aint pretty but its HI/lo.

My bike just passed inspection and is now street legal doing this.

Buy from Radio Shack a "Single pole, double throw" switch. Baja Designs also have switcheds but cost about $15. Keep your existing headlight switch and use it as a master switch. Then wire the power from the headlight switch to the new 3 position switch. If you have removed your stock odometer, flip the mounting bracket and mount the 3 position switch through the hole in the bracket. It will be nearly invisible, can't get bumped and is reasonable to get to. I can take pics and email them to you if you wish.

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