Just got the '03

I figured I would add to the pool of information on this site. I just picked up my '03 CRF. I ordered it from Zach at Good Fellow Racing (also NAMB). I have owned many bikes, but this was my first time ordering from Canada and it worked out great! I got the bike within a week from when Good Fellow got my cashiers check. The crate was in good shape and the bike was in excellent shape (no shipping damage). I got the European model. The "extras" package included a completed gasket set (not just for the top end), piston, rings, clips, extra jets, extra oil filter, extra air filter, a very detailed shop manual, extra lever, quality spoke wrench, and a few more odds and ends that I can't remember. The tires are Dunlops. The exhaust is the cone, looks alright and appears less restrictive than the stinger.

I went with Zach based on the good things others on this site had said about his service. The service was excellent. I will order from him in the future. Now I just have to grab some beers and get this thing set up for the race season.

Heard about this extra package before with some. Were you just lucky? How does this happen that you get goodies in the crate?

It's the Euro models that have the "extra" goodies. Mine came from NAMB and Zach said the Canadian models didn't have the goodies and the Euro models did.


To anyone's knowledge are the bikes different in any way? Other than what you get in the box, and the exhaust?

Nope. Some different susp. settings and thats all. I wanted to make sure of that before I bought one.


When you say different suspension settings are you just talking clickers or are you talking about different spring rates etc?

Sorry, yes clicker settings.

gdmelec...... GREAT GOING!! :)

<font color="purple">Just watch those spokes!!

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