Adjust your race sag

I was looking at adjusting my race sag on Saturday and couldn't losen the top washer so I could adjust. I could only get a screwdriver in on the right side of the bike, but the washer needs to spin the other direction :). Any tricks you may have on how to adjust the race sag?



I used a 10" tire iron and a hammer. It worked fine. At first I tried a screwdriver but couldn't get it to move so I think that the screwdriver doesn't transfer enough energy to move the darn thing.

I use a brass rod with the end ground to the shape of a square. The brass wont ding your collars. Works great.

How do you get access to the tab washer? What side of the bike? There is only a spot on the right side on the left of the number plate that I can access the washers..However if I hit it from this side I will turn the top washer clockwise...which will tighten. How do I losen that washer? Where do you gain access from? Do you remove any parts etc from the bike?

I just used a long screw driver from the left side.

there is no washers...two jam nuts.loosen top nut and

turn the spring with your hand up or down.then lock it in place with top nut. hope this helps.

Go to a tool store and buy a long punch, at least 12-16 inches. Make sure the end isnt too large. The end shouldnt be bigger than about 3/8". Then you'll have it, and you wont have to dick around with tire irons or screw drivers, and youll be able to get it tight again too so the sag setting will stay.

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