First recall for the WR450......

I was at my dealer yesterday getting parts to make my 01 WR426 look new again so I can sell it. My mechanic told me that he received a "Tech Bulletin" regarding excessive clutch "noise" on the new WR450F. The work will be covered under warranty from Yamaha. Since my bike is Canadian is will not be covered. From what he told me their is two ways to fix the chatter. One fix they call a "Race" fix, it's a way of drilling out oil passages to lubricate the clutch. The other fix is to add a plate to the clutch to get rid on the chatter. Sorry I can't give better descriptions on what the fix will consist of but this is real and you new owners should be receiving a letter from Yamaha stating the repair.

Im not sure if this has been covered yet but I thought I would bring this to surface....

I'll keep you guys up to date as soon as I get the Info..

Hopefully my bike will be here on Friday.......


This sounds like the exact same issue the YZF450's were having.

In fact, there was a thread on the YZF450 forum that describes the fix for the clutch plates.

This sure sounds like the same cluch problem that was on the YZ450's. There was a tech bulletin written on that, but no recall...BIG difference. Do you mean recall?

if i bought the bike from a dealer and brought it to a different dealer do you think they would fix it for free if the bike is still under warranty?? :):D

That depends:

1. If it is a recall then absolutely!

2. If only a TSB, that depends on how nice your service advisor is. If under warranty and your complaining about a problem that he can duplicate, then I say it'll get fixed by any dealer. If difficult to duplicate, you back to how cool your service advisor is.

3. If you originally bought in Canada and now want to get a recall/TSB repair at a US dealer...good luck, you might get it fixed you might not. Probably have to take it back to Canada and try for some "good will" repairs at the selling dealer.

they should as long as it's a yamaha dealer . if it's the same as with cars. i bought my car from one dealer and when it was recalled i went to another dealer and they didn't charge me !!

Be careful Dan,

On this thread they will "kill the messenger" for even the mention of a Yamaha recall....

Alabama_Rider , how does it feel to serve humble pie??? :):D :D


Thanx for the headsup on the Trick Dualsport Kit.. I

will Probably go with that unit. But first I will wait to see if you have to ground float the stator. Again, Thanx.


Sarcasm is not fitting in this circumstance... Moderators do what we do, for free, and to the best of our ability... It is hard to arbitrate between parties, esp. when some want to make it personal.

I have replied to another post about the service bulletin being just a little different to stopping production worldwide... One of the foundations of this site is the sharing of information - good or bad - about bikes, dealers, accessories tracks etc... When it becomes an issue of personalities, it degrades the whole site for everyone... so let's all try to rise above that level and stick to the bikes... No one is making you log on and read, and we would all appreciate every member, new or longstanding, to stick to keeping it cordial and factual... If you you want to hiss at anyone, try PM's - the rest of us just don't want to know...

It seems this thread is being hijacked and it will be watched more closely...

As a moderator, it would be nice to have extra time to read everything and keep everyone happy, but that is never going to happen - so if you guys can keep it civil and stick to facts, then we can all have a bit more riding time... or time with our family...

If I want more 'bitter', I will change the type of beer I drink... Sometimes we need to let things go... take a deep breath and clear our minds...


I knew about this from a previous post that suggested this might happen to the WR just like the YZ. Does any body know if this has to be done to every bike or just if there is a clutch chattering problem?

They told me that you moderators get .25 cents for every time you have to moderate. .50 for every deletion.

Yeah Union rates here... LOL I would have a different bike for every day of the week if that were the case, plus a riding ranch, plus women draped all around my indoor pool, plus..., plus..., plus...

Is your post worth a couple of quarters? LOL

I reckon if I deleted every one of EGO's posts, I would have enough for the new YZF-1... LOL


There was a tech bulletin written on that, but no recall...BIG difference. Do you mean recall?

To be honest I really didn't expect anyone to call me on the differences of a "Tech Bulletin" and a " Recall". I really wanted to focus on the clutch issue at hand and not the terminology of what the path of the repair will be. All I know is that my dealer told me to give them the bike as soon as I can so they can fix the problem. That's it. Nothing more.....



I wasn't trying to call you out on the carpet whether it was a TSB or recall. I apologize if I came across a bit strong. My point was since you do not have a waranty if it were a recall then you should be able to get it fixed easily, if it were a TSB then it would be harder. If you're dealer has told you to bring it in right away to fix it then I guess everything is cool right? Is it the Canadian dealer who asked you to bring it in or a US dealer?

Dan, great post. We are always seeking the best information available and I personally appreciate you posting what you know.

The "Recall" vs. "Tech Bulletin" issue is sort of a sensitive point because it seems that there are those who would tend to want to foster "bad tidings". The question of a possible "production hold" has recently been beat to death here and some of us are probably just a little over-sensitive to somebody else "crying wolf".

Nobody wants to kill the messenger, we just want to make sure we understand the message. :)

WR250FL: Man you're everywhere, so am I. I took in my 03' WR450 to the dealer today for some set-up after break-in and inquired about this issue. Translate - noisy clutch wear. Yes, there is a TSB on the clutch regarding less than optimal amount of oil flow though the clutch when engaged. The TSB advises to, at the owners expense, install a smaller diameter clutch plate at the outside end of the basket to allow increased oil flow when the clutch is engaged at speed for prolonged periods of time. The dealer, Vickery Motorsports (the best), advised me to skip the TSB and that if I find myself cruising for long periods (>10 minutes) in the same gear, such as fire roads, dual sport rides, etc., pull in and release the clutch occassionally to compress the plates and spread some oil around the clutch basket. Otherwise, I could a.) do the TSB recommendation ($), or b.) drill some extra holes in the plates, also at my expense ($), or c.)live with the noise (no $, what noise). According to the dealer, the 03' YZ450s motocross bikes have this issue also, but rarely is the unit prolonged at speed in the same gear. Duh.

Hey Dan, don't you know anybody with a YZ 450? Did all the YZs need this fix or only some? It sounds like some thing all YZs(450) or WRs(450) would benefit from. If nobody knows,thanks anyway.

Hey Dan, don't you know anybody with a YZ 450? Did all the YZs need this fix or only some?

Yes, My good friend has one, I'm not sure what he did but......

I'm gonna have them drill the oil passages instead of the plate mod...


Thanks for the info,guys.

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