First recall for the WR450......

question?? would the "revlock" cluch have this problem :)

would any of you happen to know how much the whole job will cost to install the smaller diameter clutch plate to lubricate the clutch with a dealer.. :):D

The YZ's were about $50 in parts...dunno labor.

You have got to be kidding me. I am a desert racer, I hold my bike tapped down long dirt roads and sand washes (miles at a time). I can't be having a bike with clutch problems. I spent that much money and waited this long, and now I have to alter the bike to make it do what it's designed for. I'm starting to have my doubts about Yamaha right now.

Sounds a lot like the problem that haunted us on the XR650 in the Baja-2000. 2000 miles and 8 clutches.

I'm starting to have my doubts about Yamaha right now.

David, It's a very simple fix that takes less than an hour. Why would you feel that way? I have a WR426 with thousands (I'm not kidding) of hard racing miles, Nevada 1000,Baja,Vegas to Reno,Tonopah 300 etc..... plus about 6 500 mile weekend rides and 60 mile day rides mixed in over two years and my clutch is completely stock and never replaced and is perfect!!!

Having your doubts on Yamaha? That's a joke!!!!


I wouldn't sweat it. The fix is cheap, easy and the guys who did it on the YZ's do not have any issues now.

Sounds a lot like the problem that haunted us on the XR650 in the Baja-2000. 2000 miles and 8 clutches.

A friend of mine ran that, and four or five other events in Baja on an XR650, and he's never had a clutch problem. They blew all the oil out the countershaft seal once...

What are you doing to your clutch?

I'm just a little grumpy thats all. I hate this waiting BS.

I to have put hundreds of thousands of miles on my 98 yz400 and have never had anything bad to say about it. I'm sure my attitude will change after the first time I ride the thing. YAMAHA ROCKS!!!! (I may have pissed off the bike delivery gods)

Does anybody have a copy of the Tech bulletin? My dealer hasn't heard anything about it, not even for the YZ's.

What are the details for the drilling work that could be done to promote better oil flow? I have access to a milling machine so with details I can handle that part if necessary. How about the modification to the arm??

My dealer hasn't heard anything about it, not even for the YZ's.

If you really, really want me to get a copy of the Tech bulletin I probably can. I feel it would be a waste of time for me but if you need it to believe me I can probably work something out. It's real!! Let's get back to the subject........ I don't want this thread becoming like everything else on this site. It's real, I promise.


The clutch on my YZ450 is fine. A nitpicker might say it's a little bit grabby.

I think the clutch will be fine on the WR as well.

Some of you guys would complain you found a zit on Anglie Jolie's butt.

My dealer has not heard of this.

I called Yamaha corp. and they said they can't look up tech bullitins without primary ID #. (i don't know my ID# yet)

Yamaha also said that tech bullitins are sent to all dealers at the same time!

Sorry Dan,

I was not questioning whether there was a tech bulletin but rather wanted to have information so that I could do the fix if need be, by the book as it were, that's all.

Again it might be the case of a dealer not knowing or talking to the wrong person. I do not have a long standing relationship with this dealer so I am still trying to see what they are like to deal.

This should just about cover every question you have on what the YZ owners have done to fix their clutch's. It includes part numbers, etc.

Click Me Baby!

I also have this issue on my YZ450. I replaced with the above mentioned parts & drilled out the oil passages. The grabbiness & noise goes away, but there is a huge cost. The clutch will drag excessively meaning that at a dead stop while in gear the bike will creep forward, regardless of adjusting clutch free play. The other issue is that unless you modify your clutch arm by removing 4mm, it will damn near be impossible to find neutral while at a dead stop unless you cut off the motor. But, if you cut off the 4mm from the clutch arm clutch pull is increased. I suggest drilling out the 6 oil passages from 3mm to 4mm on your inner hub first w/o replacing friction plate, clutch boss spring & seat plate from 01-02 YZ426 model. :)

Ga, What is Yamaha's response to this problem? DO they accept it as a product defect and work with you at their expense to fix the problem? It seems it would be easy for Yamaha to produce a different clutch plate and make it available at no cost to 450 owners.

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