Advancing the timing?

The WR guys sometimes advance the timing to YZ spec's for more performance. Can we advance the timing on the DRZ's? Has anyone done that mod? If so, what is the outcome?

cant advance the cam timing on the Z. The ignition timing is all electronically controlled. Only way to do that is to go with the yoshimura cams and ignition kit. Most of that improvement would be from the cams though.

For more go do the 3x3 mod and dynojet kit. better yet save your money and spend it on suspension work :)

your refering to cam timing on wr4's!they come retarded form the factory and can be advanced to yz settings.the drz is not set up that way.i have dome experimenting with cam timin by degreeing the takes special slotted cam sprockets,a tdc stop,and flex arm dail indicator.not to mention many years of motor building experience.sorry phille,no easy trick here!

When referring to "retarted", are you referring to the WR bike or the WR rider? Ha, ha, ha.

both! :)

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