Fast 50's Speed Fork

Who has one, are you really happy with it?

I've got the speed fork and I love it. Naturally anything is an improvement over stock, but the confidence I get from knowing I have solid suspension to back me up is great. I used to feel like I was riding a pogo stick in the front that would jump a foot to either side whenever I got into anything rough. Now I don't feel like an out of control hail mary when I take big jumps at the track. I go at a reasonable clip and let the suspension do most of the work for me. It's nice to hit deep, nasty whoops without the front end twisting all over the place. I've disassembled them to look around and they are well built and feature top-notch components throughout. I highly recommend them. The amount of time and thought that went into these little forks makes the price very reasonable in my opinion.

I just got mine two weeks ago, went and jumped some big BMX jumps last weekend, there were two other guys there, both bent their lowers (as they were on stocks) and I kept worth the $$$ even more so when you look at the other options and what they cost...And like Robo said the confidence differnce is huge...

how are the forks holding up now after a year on them? I am thinking about getting them....


Dont know if this problem is fixed or not but I have read from many people that they have lots of seal problems.

What's the difference between the Sano Bombshell fork and the Fast50's Speed Fork? The Sano is more money, but it looks like it comes with more stuff too.

The Sano's have 2" more travel. But if you really want the best take a look at the Stavrons forks.

bombshells also come with a front hub, disk brake, and HD spokes...

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