What a Blast !!!!!!!!!

07 WR450 Fee mods, I've been riding with the pea shooter in because i like the quite style of riding but i got a wild hair and pulled it out, (the pea shooter not the hair) does seem to have a bit more snap to it but did have a harder time starting it seeems? not a big deal, but just rode up the Trask today Oregon was beautifull a litttle cold untill we hit the trails. Now why would anyone want any more power than it puts out with just the free mods,this bike climbs just fine! almost perfect for me alot better than my ol KTM 520 which is a great bike but i'm doing so much more with the Yami ! The only thing i think i would do from here is mabye a taller sprocket it gets pretty tight in the trails here but WoW! What a bike !

YEP when you get all the mods done it is a blast.I like mine alot but made many changes to get it right it rips

If it's tight you'll like 13/52

I've also been thinking of "gearing down". 1st is getting to be too low and 2nd is a bit high.

Is the 13 more prone to chew around on the swingarm or subframe?

Is the 13 more prone to chew around on the swingarm or subframe?
Yes it is. Your sprockets and chain will wear quicker too.

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