XR426 Kit--which clutch springs to run?

hey, running a 426 kit now in the 400 which is sweet. however, i think i'm burning up the clutch. gonna pull it off tonight and clean up or replace the plates. however, i got a feeling i need to run better clutch springs than stock. anyone that is running stronger clutch springs please tell me what brand/type and what i can expect to pay. im running my 426 in a national this weekend so i would like to get the stuff tonight.



Barnett Plates and Springs. Hinson outer basket(check for grooves in the fingers). Don't remember the cost. Not that expensive, works great.

DO NOT USE BARNETT fiber PLATES ! Too, abrasive. Use KG Clutch factory plates. Do use the Barnett Clutch springs, Hinson PRESSURE PLATE, cut extra oil groove in pull pin, double amount of oil holes in the hub. Go with the 1.2 mm Barnett steel plates instead of the stock 1.4 mm. Put in one extra steel plate first before your first fiber. This is not the norm but protects the hub from wear. Be sure to use Motorcycle specific oil . DO NOT USE AUTOMOTIVE OIL or Honda HP4-M . Honda HP4 is OK . It don't have Moly. I prefer Maxima synthetic oil due to engine heat.


Bad experience with that set-up Dwight? What am I to expect now that I've had it my way for 3 months? Is it saveable? Don't scare me here, my local shop that I trust, runs the same set-up I have in their own XR 400's.

If you don't use clutch much ( IE. Slipping in the tight ) You won't have problems much . But I had the Barnetts eat up the stock hub and pressure plate. Nothing wrong with stock plates but the stock pressure plate is weak and flexs thus starts to slip. I have much better durability as described riding in the wooods. You probably run desert.



Actually, I am running the Barnett springs, plates, and discs. It all came as a package deal. I am runing Maxima oil, and am about ready to change it soon. I really don't use the clutch much, because I don't want to wear it out prematurely. So am I looking, based on your past experience, at replacing the P.Plate sometime soon? Or should I replace it before it fails/wears out?

The oil I am running in a few theards back isn't $12.00 a quart. It's more like $5-6.00 per qt. What do you think of the lifetime oil filters advertised here? Do they filter better, or is the stock one filtering enough do the job. Yes, I replace the filter with each oil change.

thanks for the reply rudder but i already installed the barnet fiber. i'm not too worried since i don't ride the 426 as much anymore save for the enduros and practice days so the clutch won't get a lot of wear. plus i ride pretty open desert.

thanks for the tips.


I'm curious about the lifetime oil filters too. I change my filter every other time. Using stock Honda ones now.

Why a 426 kit ... if its 426 only because of the blue 426 thats just lame.

Is there any other reason its 426 ?

You're gonna get it! :)


Did I miss something?

Ah he kinda took a shot at Yamahammers Keith, that's what Corey is referring to.

I was referring to secretatlas is going to get him for bagging on his 426 kit, but now that you mentioned it . . .

Sorry Corey,

Paying careful attention just doesn't seem to be my strongpoint. :)

Hey, no prob Rusty! :)

I was wondering myself how many different kits were known to be available for the 400, and what is the advantage or change in each? Is it only the piston bore that is increased?


Oh, I thought there was an uprising in cellblock C. Since were talking about hop ups. A little trick I learned since my auto decompression doesn't kick in since I put in my cam. I pull the lever on the handlebars just a smidgeon at the top of the kick. It helps me generate momentum thru the kick. Makes starting easier with the 10:5-1 piston. I should say makes kicking it easier, still working on easy starts!

That's hop-ups, and not "hop-ons"! Better "clean-up" your act, before you lose your username. They are watching you Kieth! :)

I was wondering myself how many different kits were known to be available for the 400, and what is the advantage or change in each? Is it only the piston bore that is increased?

Hey Kev, Corey needs to see that article from Dirt Bike that you and Steve put in our file archives over on Yahoo.

You know the one I'm talking about? The one where Scott Summers and pals tested several different hop-up kits.

What would be the easiest way to make that available to Corey? I really enjoyed it...great read! :)

If memory serves, it touched on some suspension mod/tips too.

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