Stupid question time!!!!

I have read under different boards (Yamaha) that they do something to the airbox to increase airflow. Do any of you guys do anything to modify your airboxs?

Some guys drill 1" holes in the side cover of the air box. They then cover those holes with a filter or screen.

Mine is stock. No snorkels or lids to remove. IMO holes are not necessary, mine breathes just fine. Holes will only allow more dust in (even with filters) and make it difficult to wash (you'll have to cover the holes or close louvers wich may leak anyway). Try running your bike down the street without the filter on and see if you get any more power from the increased airflow and make your own decision. I found no appreciable difference (other than different intake noise), so it has remained as delivered.

Also think about this; how are those holes and their air filtering method (metal riveted screens or inserted foam filters) going to hold-up to the constant abuse of your boots rubbing against them? The job had better be done correctly because your engine's life now depends on it. The factory has done plenty of research to garner the most power with the most reliabilty and passes that on to you in it's product. You as the final owner get to decide if you want to compromise their design for the sake of a SMALL horsepower gain (which can be obtained through more reliable sources). I would personally never purchase a bike from an individual who had cut holes in his/her airbox. Just my two cents.

works for me. Thanks.

that sure makes sense to i really think that i'm smarter than the engineers?? i don't think so!!! how much power do you want??? just a thought..

Yep. I cut a 3" x 3" hole in the top of my DRZ airbox. It was otherwise breathing through a small hole. Made a huge difference after I rejetted.

Now my YZ, that needs no changes. Stock the hole is big enough. In fact I taped up a portion of it to eliminate dirt protrusion in one location. And I still get holeshots.

Oh yes, Paul, we are not smarter than the 'engineers', but sometimes we are smarter than the DOT who imposes emissions regulations. In my case, my DRZ could barely breathe the way it was stock. After surgery, I went from a 142.5 main jet to a 150. The change was nice, I have to tell ya.

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