Speedo drive for 17" on a DRZ?

Does anyone know if a speedo drive off a GS500 or GS450 would work on my DRZ with the 17" rim?

The speedo drive for the 21" front obviously isn't working as it says I'm going approx 40mpg when I'm actually doing about 25 mph or so.

I'd really like to find a speedo drive that will give me more accurate mph and mileage. If not a GS drive, any other suggestions?


Get one of the Trialtech ones sold on TT & you can program it.

Well, I had one of those but I sold it to cstatman - I need something that stays illuminated at night...like the stock speedo.

I've been there, done that.

Forget about it, it's futile.

Just go for the Panoram. It's the easiest way.

If you happen to find something, PLEASE enlighten us.

Mike. :)

Hey Mike - can you elaborate on exactly what you tried? There's GOT to be a way! :)

Any unit off a bike with a 17' wheel might work. The problem maybe the spacing for the wheel.

The cool thing about the Panoram, from what I'm told, is that it has dual program modes, (ie)for two different sized wheels.

It'll work for your 21" AND 17" with the touch of the button.

I saw a Panoram (Trailtech) on a sportbike. The guy had wired in a VERY small orange light next to the unit. The teeny lite provided ample illumination for nite riding. Perhaps try that???

I've been to many motorcycle wreckers to find compatible speedo drives, but nothing suitable.

One wrecker had a box with about 50 speedo drives in it and not one would fit.

I then started looking at speedo units thinking that i could somehow modify it to work with a speedo drive off a 21" wheel but that's as far as i got. Maybe theres a speedo that can be "slowed down" to work with the standard drive???

Mike. :)

If you can hold ouy a little longer the Trailtech guys are coming out w/ a backlit version that (rumor has it) also will have a tach! If you can't wait, get one and then get the Sigma Sport light at Bike Nashbar.

Can we use the hub and stuff off of an SM on our S models with 17's?

Buy the speedo drive for the SM. I bought one shortly after converting my S and it corrected my speedo issues (well, as correct as they are from the factory anyway).

EDIT: Wow, just noticed how old this thread was. Did not realize it was a revived thread.

Bryan, is your question regarding correcting your speedometer calibration? The hubs are the same between the S and the SM. The speedo drive gear on the front axle is where the difference is.

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