WR Coolent overflow system

I have a 2002 YZ426F and I do woods riding with it. I wanted to know were the WR overflow system was on a 2002 WR426F, I'm assuming it has a recirculating coolant system. I wanted to see if I could put it on my bike.

Also I had a question as regards to the radiator cap on a recirculating coolant system. Are they any different?

Order a bottle for a wr426. Your yz is missing 1 tab to mount the bottle. You can weld a tab or zip-tie it on. Works very well:thumbsup: It mounts on the sub-frame behind your side-panel. And the rad cap is the same

ya man it works great. pretty easy to make work. check out my yz 400 in my garage

+1 on WR overflow bottle.

I have recently fitted one to my YZ400f and it works just fine. I fitted it in the same location as the WR and just drilled some holes in the rear guard to attach it (as on the YZ there are no lugs to fit it to).

No need to change your radiator cap.

You will still experience some coolant loss in tight slow speed situations however with the bottle fitted your radiator will always be full.

Exactly why I want to do it haha :bonk:

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